Folding smartphone: Video shows Lenovo prototype

Folding smartphone: Video shows Lenovo prototype

Folding smartphone: Video shows Lenovo prototypeLenovo is one of the companies that is seriously working on a folding smartphone. The Chinese company is standing out in the mobile world, but it hasn't been making a strong impact for a long time.

Although Samsung is almost ready to unveil its folding smartphone, it is from Lenovo that we have the first video with such capabilities.

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The video is small and unfortunately does not show us details of the device, however we can observe that the folding smartphone follows the patent ideology already shown by Samsung.

That is to say that the terminal of the South Korean company should not be much different from this Lenovo. We can see that the terminal is obviously a prototype. The device is far from the most eye-catching design and widest-definition screen.

Lenovo folding smartphone is ugly but promising

But most important is the technology surrounding the folding smartphone. The terminal can be folded almost 90º with the technology introduced in the body of the device.

Honestly I still don't understand what a folding smartphone could do to improve our lives, but we have to realize that this is one of the most anticipated technologies on the market and the first company to make a device for the market with these capabilities will have an outside exposure. from normal. Even if the folding smartphone is seriously inferior to the top end of the moment.

Lenovo, Huawei, Samsung and even Apple are working on their folding smartphone version, however, the competition will be between Samsung and Huawei. One of them should be the first to unveil the equipment and rumors are already beginning early next year. We'll see.

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