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Foldable screen will make digital “books” even more impressive

If you are one of those who like to read a good book during your daily breaks, we have a vision of what your future will be like. Digital books (also known as e-Readers) have been around for a long time, however, a folding screen in one of these does not yet exist.

Today we have a flash of what the next e-Readers with the E-Ink screen might look like. A foldable screen for this technology has been officially revealed. That is, more and more like a book.

It makes perfect sense folding screen on an e-Reader

flexible screen e-reader

So far all e-readers are the size of a small tablet. However, if you are like me, you like to read a good bit without having to click on the “next page” button.

With this size and format, the foldable screen of the e-Reader will be even more like a book and will have a new way to enjoy it in pieces of technology.

There’s nothing like a good book

I know that many people cannot hear about this technology to read anything. In fact, I am also one of those who would rather smell the page than turn.

However, we must face that the future does not stop there. The books will soon be a piece of our history and thankfully it is. We save on paper and trees destroyed for this.

In addition, the price of e-books are usually more affordable. Even if you have a slightly higher starting price, you will see that over time you will save money when buying digital books.

This is a solution that will take a long time to reach the market, however, I have to admit that I am more fascinated by an e-Reader with a curved screen than a smartphone with the same characteristic.

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