The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is one of the hot topics of the moment. Samsung’s second foldable smartphone has received a lot of attention for improving things that Motorola did not do so well in the Razr, but also because after all its ultra-thin glass screen is not just glass.

The price of the Galaxy Z Flip will amount to 1529 euros in UK, and it is not expected to be exactly cheap to repair. According to information from South Korea’s MoneyS website, the price of replacing the folding main screen should be around 588 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

According to official data from Samsung itself, the folding screen is expected to cost $ 499 to exchange, which ends up making sense since in UK we must rely on the usual price inflation. The 1.1-inch outdoor display will cost $ 149 to repair.

Galaxy Z Flip on sale in UK on February 21

The Galaxy Z Flip will be available for sale in UK from February 21st. Those who buy it must take extra care with the screen, and as for the outside, it is advisable to use the cover that comes in the box with the device.

In the United States, Samsung provides a discount on the first screen flip of the Z Flip, for a price of $ 199. However, this discount is only valid for those who purchase the smartphone before December 31, 2020.

Here, we are waiting to be able to test the Galaxy Z Flip, and all its potential, such as Flex Mode. The repair prices in our country may differ slightly, and soon we must know the values ​​practiced here.

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