Foldable iPhone. This could be your design when it comes out (video)

Foldable iPhone. This could be your design when it comes out (video)

When I thought about smartphones of the future a few years ago, I imagined that they would become thinner and thinner without losing quality and, coincidentally, they could bend without affecting their durability.

With the arrival of the first foldables, devices like the Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorola Razr are the first references in the segment. And that’s what this foldable iPhone concept is based on.

User Iskander Utebayev shared a short video on Instagram showing his vision of what could be a foldable iPhone. In terms of form factor we see little new, in the model he called the iPhone 12 Flip.

The big news is the fact that we see a kind of motorization that would make the process of deploying such a device very simple. However, it is just a concept.

Use of the external screen is of quality in this concept

Something quite interesting in relation to the Motorola Raz or Galaxy Z Flip, is that we see here a generous use of the external screen, making it not have to exist any notch the main panel.

The rumors that Apple works on a folding device are old, but there is no guarantee that it will look like this. It is to be expected that the company will only bet on such a product when the form factor is sufficiently mature, and if in fact it sees demand from users.

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