“Flying” electric boat is accelerating on Swiss lakes

Electric boat Candela Seven

The first electric boat in the world to challenge high speeds, with no apparent noise when ripping the waters and minimizing the nausea and nausea of ​​occupants. Called Candela Seven, it is capable of gliding over water and reaches speeds of 55 km / h.

Setting up, more concretely, as a recreational speedboat, this innovative boat, created by the Swedish company, Candela, reduces energy consumption and disturbances caused by the friction of water when “flying” slightly over the surface.

The Candela Seven is a 100% electric boat

Electric boat Candela Seven

When reaching the critical speed of 55 km / h, due to the guides at the bottom of the launch, the whole body rises. This lifting force considerably minimizes water friction and other disadvantages caused by this force contrary to movement.

According to the testimony of the Swedish company, in a news item advanced by the Reuters agency, this adaptation results in a reduction of 80% in energy consumption compared to similar diesel-powered sports boats.

The energy saved is used effectively to increase the autonomy of the boat that reaches 90 km. The boat is made of carbon fiber and has an on-board computer that optimizes the position and functioning of the navigation structure.

The innovative boat has already debuted in Switzerland

Candela Seven had its debut on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, this week during an initiative to attract new investors. Since last year, the Swedish company has delivered a total of 16 electric boats to consumers.

It is worth noting that each vessel costs the equivalent of 250 thousand euros, with the responsible company trying to reach the product in new markets. From daily commuting, in regions with large lakes, to fun, the potential use is varied.

“As we are not constantly hitting the waves, we do not have the typical displacement and oscillation of the boat. The result is a pleasant and peaceful trip,” says Christian Vogel, Swiss Candela importer to Reuters.

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