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  1. iuliuccizachary

    Hi. I recently got a new router from Spectrum and now my box won’t connect to my WiFi. The box was working fine just before I got the new router. Now when I attempt to connect it says my password is wrong (it’s not) or it says that my WiFi Network won’t accept the connection or can’t find the network. I’m using an XBMC Mart MX (please do not tell me to upgrade the box, I just bought it) which currently has android 5.1.1, I have a Spectrum Technicolor Modem TC8715D router. It is 60Hz. I have factory reset the box to no avail. I have also gone in and tried to change the settings for my router, maybe I’m doing something wrong? Thanks for the help in advance

    • Ian Whyte

      this can be a issue with your isp and sometimes referred to as shield and has reactivated if you let us know your isp provider it would maybe help resolve the issue i also had a issue with bt in past with the bt fon being activated and i could connect but it kicked me on to fon seconds later and was not secure.

    • Entertainment Box

      Hi, this can happen occasionally due too many clone versions of the M8 range but if you would like to try our repair service please CLICK HERE.


  2. daniel mcgowan

    hi i have a mx 2 box but it starts. froze on A9 it wont move off it i have reset it with a match stick but still comes onA9 need help.

  3. David

    Hi i have a t8 pro n tv box. Yesterday the wifi stopped working stays off even when i click for it to turn on. I have tried some of the fixes with root explorer but it still wont turn back on? Any advice, its running android 5.1.

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello David, you may be able to rectify this problem by a factory reset or updating its firmware but unfortunately we do not have that firmware available here.
      Try contacting the seller and ask for the firmware,

      thank you.

  4. mark

    Hi im having wifi issues on my mxq tv box, th wifi disconects itself after 1hr of use and i have to refresh the conection in order to kee wathing videos, is there a solution for this, thanks

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello Mark, if you are using the WIFI then try moving your device closer to the router. These boxes have a WIFI range of up to 8 metres, keep that in mind aswell. Factory resets rectify alot of issues so that is another option.

      Thank you.

  5. Catriona

    I can’t connect the wifi it just stays on the screen with a message sayin refresh access point list.

  6. Tom Hammerton

    T8 box is saying it’s not connected to a network when trying to download source files although it is showing it is connected to Ethernet in settings.
    Stopped working since I did cleared kodi data through settings to remove wookie. Could this have cleared settings some how?If so how can I fix it? Any ideas grateful Thanks

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello Tom, the message you are receiving could be coming from the source itself as clearing the data from kodi has nothing to do with your internet connectivity. Click HERE for more info on Kodi…


  7. Shan phool

    My mxq box has wifi problems. it connects to ethernet but im trying to connect it to wifi.
    The wifi box says
    Refresh Access Point List
    it stays like that and doesnt show any wifi lists. It wont search for any wifi connections please help me

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello Shan, you appear to have lost the drivers for your WIFI component so you could try contacting your supplier for the stock firmware which will have the correct drivers for your MXQ device (including your WIFI).

      Good luck.

  8. philip

    Encountered no searching for MX TV Box.
    After reset to factory setting, found box cannot online -no searching function on both wifi and ethernet. No network connection problem, wifi or ethernet are working well.
    Need your help. Thanks.

  9. Tez

    Hey man,

    I’ve done everything in this tutorial but when I open that wifi file there is no WPA file in it?

    Experiencing exactly the same issue though.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  10. Mike

    Hi, I have downloaded and copied the root explorer app to an SD card and placed it in the MX2 but can’t seem to get it installed.
    What am I doing wrong? What should I do next? Please help me.

  11. nicole

    Any way to fix it without this file? I’m usuing someone else’s internet so I can’t connect with an Ethernet cord and get.access on my box. I’ve tried to find the file your deleting with my file manager but Im having no luck

    • James

      Use a PC or laptop to download the root explorer App, copy to a SD card. Place the SD card in your MX2 and install the App you downloaded, now follow the video guide.

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