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Fix Apps stopped responding or App permission issues Android 6.0

Fix Apps stopped responding or App permission issues Android 6.0

Fix Apps stopped responding or App permission issues Android 6 EBOX Guide

Are you having issues with an Android 6.0 devices like the EBOX Q Box or the T8 V?

The first thing you need to be aware of is that Android 6.0 has some new security features. These new features require that the user has to allow different permissions for each app to run correctly on their device. If you are trying to download something using the internet browser then the browser app has to have the correct permission to download to your internal storage. Without the correct permissions enabled the apps will not work as intended. This is an easy fix and in this post, we will show you how to change your application’s permissions.

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Example of issues

  • EBMC has stopped working
  • Cannot use ( Name ) app error
  • Browser has stopped responding
  • Unable to write ( Add files ) to your HDD or USB drive

Enable Android 6.0 permissions 

  • Go to settings
  • More settings
  • Select apps
  • Find the app you have issue with
  • Select force close
  • Click storage then select clear data
  • Go back one step and select app permissions
  • Allow all permissions for that application.

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EBOX Home screen

More settings as shown in screen below –

EBOX More settings

Apps as shown in the screen below –


Select the particular app you were finding issues when using if getting errors. For example, we have Browser app –

EBOX Browser

Now Force close app as shown in the screen below and then go to Storage option –

Browser App settings

Now under storage select Clear cache and Clear data on it.

Browser Clear data and cache

Now go back for once and under permission option select allow all option’s on it.

Browser Permission info

You can also do the same for other apps on the device and once done those should work fine for you.

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  1. EntertainmentBox Ebox

    Change the audio offset in EBOX MC when playing stream and set to default for all stream in case of issue with all streams.

  2. Terence Dagless

    Mine is always out of sync have to audio offset forward by 3 min

  3. Gavin Cosgrove

    I’m still having issues with the time not working properly after a year, everytime I turn it on it resets back to 10:08

    1. EntertainmentBox Ebox

      Yes date and time does change on power off but it should be back to correct time once connected to internet. Also ensure you choose correct time zone from Settings – Other – More settings – More settings – Date and time settings

    2. Gavin Cosgrove

      I’ve done all this countless times, but still no joy. A bit dissipointed to be honest since I paid 110 pounds for it

    3. EntertainmentBox Ebox

      Can you do a video for this issue and sent it back to us ? Also consider to check with WiFi and Ethernet both connectivity

    4. Gavin Cosgrove

      My Internet is connected by eithernet and its always connected, it does it almost every time I shut the box down, I even contacted the technical guys and they couldn’t solve it.

    5. Gavin Cosgrove

      No I always use hardwire as there can’t be any cut outs and much faster speed

    6. EntertainmentBox Ebox

      I was just asking weather to test how it goes for you as per time and date issues you mentioned

  4. Michael New

    Does this mean when you click on ebmc it says no app installed and things like tjat?

    1. Michael New

      Sorry bud. When i click on ebmc it says app not installed but kodi still runs when i click on kodi through the apps

    2. EntertainmentBox Ebox

      Yes do a factory reset and EBOX Mc will work from home screen. Its issue because seems you didn’t choose Wipe data and Wipe Cache when installing OTA firmware update

    3. Michael New

      Yes just clicked wipe cache. Thanks ill give this a go

  5. Stedroy Gordon

    The home screen launcher displayed here I had then updated the rom and it has gone to the other launcher how do I get it bk plz and thank u!!!

    1. EntertainmentBox Ebox

      Delete the Launcher you have installed from device and it should be back to default.

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