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First Electric Commercial Aircraft Successfully Completes Flight

First Electric Commercial Aircraft Successfully Completes Flight

In Canada, the Harbor Air seaplane service tested eBeaver, an electric plane that the company plans to make commercially available from 2022. The plane was built with MagniX, an Australian electric engine manufacturer. See the video.

The eBeaver test flight lasted 10 minutes and was a success. The plane managed to fly over the Fraser River while Harbor Air CEO Greg McDougall piloted it. This is undoubtedly a historic moment because, like cars, the possibility of commercial electric planes is closer to reality.

Magnix CEO Roei Ganzarski says that so far, no electric aircraft has been ready to carry passengers. However, with eBeaver, the scenario will change. Ganzarski believes that commercial flights on electric planes are the future of air travel.

eBeaver will be economical and fast

The eBeaver plane has a 750 horsepower electric motor manufactured by MagniX. Their range is impressive compared to fuel engines. Harbor Air says that in the final version, eBeaver will be able to cover about 160 kilometers with $ 10 or $ 20 of electricity.

This range is sufficient for sightseeing or short distances from Vancouver to Victoria, which usually requires a boat trip. By plane, the trip can take only 30 minutes, unlike the 4 hours the boat takes.

In addition to speed and range, airplanes like eBeaver have lower maintenance costs, requiring only the battery to charge. In addition, airplanes can be lighter, facilitating the entire logistics and transportation process.

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