Firefox and voice controls

That the use of voice as a control interface is useful and is already very present among us, through mobile devices and smart speakers, is not discussed. But from that to the need to integrate it in any place … it is something else. Because it generates certain doubts about how really worth it.

The last to do something related to the voice is the Mozilla Foundation, which has launched a beta program so whoever wants to join and try what it would be like use your Firefox browser through voice commands.

Yes, as you are reading, you can use the microphone of your laptop or desktop to tell Firefox to open the website of EntertainmentBox among other commands that you can see below:

  • Search in the Web
  • Search for information on a specific site
  • Visit a specific website
  • Play music or videos
  • Control the audio level
  • Tell him to read the content of a website
  • Know the weather in your city or other areas
  • Translate a page to other languages
  • Open a new tab
  • Create shortcuts for commands

If all goes well, the support and speed of recognition and response will increase. Like the commands, but for now it is what it is.

How to access Firefox voice controls

Firefox voice commands

If you are interested in trying out this new voice control option in Firefox, just follow the steps below. To start download the browser from the Mozilla website, click on this link. Then, visit the following website where you can join the program in beta for Voice Control.

When you do, you will be asked to download and install a plug-in: Firefox Voice Beta. Once done, the next step will be to give permission to use the microphone and speaker of your team. When you do, you will have to make a series of recordings that will allow you to analyze your voice in order to recognize it when you speak. From that moment on, you will be ready to start using the browser and give it commands through voice commands.

If you dare you can assess whether it really is something worthwhile or not. For users with mobility problems it is interesting, but it is also true that they already use control methods and accessibility options for the entire operating system and that it does not limit them to a single application. But hey, you think.

What will have to be seen is what Mozilla does with the transcriptions, if there is no scandal or controversy as has happened with other services and devices that capture the voice. Of course they take care of themselves a lot, but it is obvious that having another “ear” more listening does not like many.