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Fire TV Stick Lite: the cheapest Smart TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite, video review:

Recognizable by sight

As we always do with this type of equipment, the first thing I want you to know about him is his design together with the accessories that accompany it. And I can tell you how few surprises we are going to find here.

In the box, next to the Amazon Stick, we find: the usual power connector with the microUSB cable to power this accessory, the HDMI extender and, as a novelty, the new command that Amazon has dubbed Alexa-Lite. A remote that, unlike the rest, does not have the buttons to turn the TV on and off or the volume control. But we will talk about this accessory a few lines ahead.

As for the aesthetics of this team, it is identical to the rest of its older brothers. An elongated plastic body in the shape of a stick, which has a microUSB port to feed it to the current and ends in the HDMI connector that will be used to connect it to our screens.

That it is equal to the rest is not a bad or good thing. In my opinion this is totally indifferent to me since, unlike the TV Cube, this gadget is predestined to be hidden behind the television and will not be seen in any situation.

Software: another old acquaintance

Turning now to what we will find after starting it for the first time, after a few first adjustments we will arrive at the user interface which, once again, is the same as in the rest of the company’s Sticks.

We can see the same menus and options, among which we can access different categories such as:

  • Seeker: place where we can search to find series and movies of the themes that we want or, of course, a specific title simply by typing its name. We can also carry out these searches through the virtual assistant using voice commands.
  • Homepage: in this menu we will find a great multitude of recommended content from the different platforms installed on our Fire TV Stick. These recommendations will be adapted to our tastes and searches.
  • App Store: as in other gadgets of this family, we can install applications from this menu, among which we will find variants of all kinds. Of course, in this section there will be no lack of games to use with the TV Cube’s own remote control, or with a gamepad connected by Bluetooth.
  • Setting: menu where we will find different information about the equipment, in addition to being able to change between different options such as the quality of reproduction among other aspects.

The 2 Key Differences of Amazon’s Stick Lite

If there are two details that differentiate this Fire TV Stick Lite from the rest of its family, they are: maximum resolution and the new command.

This equipment is capable of reaching a resolution of 1080p at max 60fps. Depending on the quality of your WiFi signal, you can adjust this section through the settings menu. Although this quality is not the best, I have to tell you that you may not miss it too much considering that it is compatible with HDR, HDR10 + and HLG. All this offers us the best visual quality, as long as our screen is compatible with these technologies.

Another remarkable feature, despite not being different from other Fire TVs, is the new processor that Amazon has incorporated in its latest releases. A chip that makes the experience is very fluid both when moving through menus and settings, as in heavier tasks such as playing games. A clear example of this is that we can play titles like Asphalt 8 without much problem without lags or significant delays.

On the other hand there is the difference of new remote: the Alexa-Lite. A controller that does not have the volume control, something that has not been a drama for me, although it has been the lack of the button to turn the device off and on. This means that we cannot control the television from this remote and, therefore, we will need to use the “normal” controller of our television at some point. Something that you should take into account before buying it.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is available for purchase on Amazon for a regular price of 29.99 euros. A team that is very worthwhile if what you are looking for is the best experience at a price against which you cannot compete. In addition, as they did at its launch, it is likely that we will find it for a price of 20 euros at some point. So stay tuned and jump in as soon as you see this opportunity.


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