Find out how much time you spent playing with your PS4 in 2019

Find out how much time you spent playing with your PS4 in 2019

If 2019 kept you glued to television enjoying games like Death stranding, God of war, FIFA or Fortnite, but you don't know exactly when you were with the remote in your hands, calm down. Sony has prepared a website that will tell you exactly the level of vice that you reached in the 2019 playing with you PS4

How long have you played with your PS4 in 2019?

PS4 Summary 2019

For many it may be quite embarrassing to discover the hours he spent in front of the console in a whole year, but what the hell, for many others it will be a feat. If you dare to keep an eye on 2019 and check how many hours you played with your PS4, you just have to access the website that Sony has prepared to check it immediately.

In it you will only have to log in with your PSN account and you will receive the results instantly. According to your player profile, you will receive a description of your gamer identity, so depending on the type of game or games you have played the most, you will receive one award or another. These with the different avatars that are distributed in the service:

  • Action hero: for players who go out of their way through the epic moments of action and adventure games.
  • Legend Warrior: for players who accept any challenge in fighting games.
  • Master scout: for players who dominate platform games.
  • Master strategist: for avid puzzle players in a good strategy game.
  • Speed ​​lover: for players who bite the other drivers in accelerated driving and racing games.
  • Elite sportsman: for players who try their best in sports games.
  • Sniper: For the players who put the eye where they put the bullet in the shooting games.

PS4 Summary 2019

The results will show the games you have played the most, the total number of games played, and your list of trophies won throughout the year.

Prize for the brave

In addition, just by logging into the service and checking your records, you will receive a dynamic theme and new avatars so you can customize the home of your console, so you can boast of being a master scout, a speed lover or any other profile that has been defined by your game preferences. Admit it, are you a fifteenth hopeless or do you prefer mansalva shots in Destiny 2?


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