Final preview for ‘Aim To be Pokemon Master’ anime teases Ash’s return to Pallet Town

Published: 2023-03-17T20:53:49

Updated: 2023-03-17T20:53:57

The Trailer for final preview Pokemon ‘Aim To be Pokemon Master’ anime teases the end of Ash’s journey as he returns home to Pallet town.

The Pokemon ‘Aim To be Pokemon Master’ anime miniseries is almost finished airing in JapanIt is the definition of. Ash Ketchum’s Pokemon Your journey is nearing its conclusion.

For those who haven’t been following along, the ‘Aim To be Pokemon Master’ miniseries has been full of fanservive for long-time anime fans, as Ash Reunited with former traveling companions, such as Misty Brock as the previous team members.

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NowFans were shown the trailer to the last episode of the miniseries. It teased the ending of Ash’s journey as he returns to Pallet Town And reunites with more characters from the original series.

Final Pokemon Preview of anime teases the ending Ash’s journey

The official Japanese Pokemon YouTube released the preview March 17, 2023. Although The trailer only lasts 30 seconds, so fans can see many interesting teases about how it works. Ash’s lengthy adventure will finally come to a close.

The Preview begins with Ash Pikachu Perhaps during the return trip, they might seek shelter under large trees to protect themselves from the elements. Pallet Town.

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The The next video shows them reuniting Professor Oak Visit his Pokemon Laboratory, Where Ash Happens upon a Bulbasaur Squirtle They appear to be looking for another youngster Pokemon Trainers start their training Pokemon Journey to claim one of these as yours Starter.

Fans Also, take a look at Ash Reuniting with his colleagues from other regions. Charizard, Bayleaf, Pignite, Bulbasaur Quilava. There’s also a fun shot of all of the FlyingThese are the -types Ash It has been caught in different parts of the world inter-acting with one another.

To Cap off the trailer and fans will get the unveil that Gary Oak, Ash’s long-time friend and rival, will make one final appearance in the anime alongside his grandfather. While Gary Recent appearances in Pokemon Journeys anime series, it’s nice to see ‘Aim To be Pokemon Master’ will close his Pokemon You can also experience adventure.

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While Team Rocket did not make an appearance during the preview, it wouldn’t be surprising if they appeared one final time as well, despite an earlier episode showing the villainous team go their separate ways.

All All things considered, the last episode of this miniseries seems to end in a beautiful way. Ash’s journey once and for all, as he returns home for the final time.


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