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Electronic Arts is in trouble in Belgium thanks to FIFA

In early 2018, the Belgian government decided to take drastic measures with regard to loot boxes...

Check out the official list of exclusive games for the Xbox Series X and Xbox One

Although the Xbox Series X has failed to establish itself as a true rival to PlayStation...

Motorola Moto G5S Plus – Root and TWRP Guide for this Android

Lenovo has decided to pamper and surprise its fans by fearlessly announcing the new Motorola Moto...

A shame of iPhone 11: Apple still doesn't offer fast charging in the box!

The iPhone 11 officially arrived with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple...

Final Fantasy VII remake will have very different combat mode from the original

Final Fantasy VII (7) is the legendary franchise's next game to receive a remake. Gradually more details are being revealed about the game and in this case about its combat system. On the game's official website, an example of the new system called Tactical Mode was shared.

Enter Tactical Mode by pressing the x button during combat in # FF7R. This slows down time & allows you to pick your next move. Take time to select your target, then choose to use skills, magic or items. In this video we spend one ATB charge to use Cloud's Braver ability! pic.twitter.com/1zzavPtYXQ

– FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (@finalfantasyvii) October 10, 2019

With Tactical Mode, the player can press the X button at any time in combat. Once you do, the time will slow down considerably, allowing you to analyze the situation where the player can decide the next step to take.

During Tactical Mode, you can still select the target if there is more than one enemy on the screen. The player will be able to choose their skills, magic and items to suit the combat and strategies for each unique situation. Unlike the original, the Final Fantasy VII remake will not have a turn-based combat system.

Final Fantasy VII seems to be a "pears" remake

During their E3 2019 performance, reactions were extremely positive to the Final Fantasy VII remake. The intro video was certainly nostalgic for fans of the game, originally released for the original PlayStation.

However, the most impressive video so far has been the battle against Scorpion Sentinel, one of the game's most iconic bosses. The battle is truly mind-blowing at the visual and graphic level.

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Apple iPhone without notch could arrive as early as 2022

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They announce (and then delete) this Wandavision Funko, spoiler in sight?

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra disappoints in tests done to your camera by DxOMark

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