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Fifa 20: Franck Ribéry angry at his face in the game

Fifa 20: Franck Ribéry angry at his face in the game

Franck Ribéry has changed his club this season from Bayern Munich to Fiorentina. However, the French player seems no longer important to the EA Sports football simulator.

In FIFA 20, Ribéry appears without a “real” face, having only generic features. It is recalled that in other editions the player had a very realistic face, which eventually generated a footballer revolt expressed in social networks.

The Twitter post shows an image of the player on FIFA 20, with a provocation to EA Sports. “I played FIFA 20 with my kids not long ago. EA Sports, who is this guy? ”He wrote referring to his features in the game.

The post generated thousands of shares and comments, becoming immediately viral. Many of the reactions refer to the fact that the player has a very realistic face in the competing game – eFootball PES 2020.

PES 2020 account reacted to revolt

The funniest comment came from the official Konami title account. As you can see in the tweet below, an image was shared with the realistic face of the player in PES with the caption “Hello Franck. Do you know who this guy is?

This is a common practice at FIFA. Many players even accuse Electronic Arts of "laziness" as it could simply reuse the features of the player's other eras. Who took the advantage, well, to make a good marketing move was the PES.

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