Home Gaming FIFA 20: EA demonstrates gameplay for the first time, but not surprising!

FIFA 20: EA demonstrates gameplay for the first time, but not surprising!

FIFA 20: EA demonstrates gameplay for the first time, but not surprising!

During the FIFA eWorld Cup finals, presenters took advantage of the occasion to make several references to the arrival of FIFA 20. But the highlight was when EA decided to first demonstrate the gameplay of the new game.

Minutes before the start of the grand final, 4 FIFA influencers had a chance to play a 2v2 match, which ended in a 'boring' 0-0. What stood out most, however, was the absence of major differences between FIFA 20 and FIFA 19, at least during this first game.

Differences between FIFA 20 and FIFA 19 are barely noticeable at first glance

Every year FIFA fans look forward to seeing what EA has been able to innovate with regards to the graphics and realism of the new edition. However, it seems that this year, as regards graphics, the game will receive very little news. From what we can see in this first demo, the two games look identical.

It is true that new mechanics have been introduced with regard to set pieces, presenting themselves very interestingly and with greater versatility. However, in racing games, the big differences are few.

In sporadic situations, we see in action the new, more realistic trajectories of the ball, more realistic cuts and also the speed difference between strikers and defenders. However, it seems that the differences are not as obvious as would be desired.

FIFA 20 BACK Football

VOLTA Football could be the highlight or fiasco of FIFA 20

This year, a new game mode will be introduced, VOLTA Football, which brings back to FIFA the essence of street football in various game modes. In addition, the desired Futsal mode will also be implemented, but we do not know yet whether it will support online matches.

Despite being a much anticipated implementation, there is still no information about the game mechanics that have been implemented. Therefore, there is still a great possibility that these new modes will turn out to be a real fiasco. Hopefully EA will let us try out the new modes in the DEMO to be released on September 12th.

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