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Ferrari prepares to attack Tesla, but will have to wait a little longer!

Ferrari prepares to attack Tesla, but will have to wait a little longer!

Ferrari has already said it has its eyes set on electric cars, but it looks like its all-electric model will have to wait. Tesla, for its part, has dominated the all-electric car market and is increasingly winning in the face of competition.

Ferrari is not exactly a brand everyone can buy, but we have to admit that the horse in front of the car is a status that anyone who can, likes to have.

Ferrari fully electric only for 2025

Ferrari Tesla

According to Reuters, Ferrari will wait until 2025 to launch its first all-electric vehicle. Initially it was expected that the first car of the brand with these characteristics would arrive by 2023.

This decision is made due to brand insecurity in battery quality and charging these days. Not that they are insecure. But because autonomy is not the best and it takes too long to load.

Tesla is one of the manufacturers that has improved charging time.

Tesla is one of the brands that has seriously improved its loading. However, you will only have the privilege of charging the car super fast if you are connected to a Tesla Super Charger. Something a fossil fuel car doesn't need. It takes the same time to fill the warehouse at Galp or BP.

Ferrari and Tesla are different brands but will soon meet

Even though Tesla and Ferrari are totally different brands these days, I don't think it will continue that way in the near future. Tesla's upcoming Roadster promises to be a fast-moving sports car with bold lines. That is, the style of a typical Ferrari. The big difference is that it will be fully electric.

Ferrari is a manufacturer for a select group of customers, but there is no doubt that the brand cares about the future of its cars. The purpose of creating electric cars is an example of this.

One thing is certain, when a Ferrari is fully electric, its drivers will not have to put their hands on their heads whenever they need to fill up the tank. Maybe this way, who knows, a Ferrari is more "accessible" to more customers. Cars will still be expensive, but their maintenance will go down considerably.

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