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Feel like Boba Feet in Adidas sneakers

Adidas and the Star Wars universe

Adidas announced at the beginning of the year that it would carry out a very special collaboration and where the Star Wars universe would be its main protagonist. And from there some were born sneakers inspired by iconic characters like Yoda, C-3PO or the Stormtroopers themselves. And who, by the way, is expected in the second season of The Mandalorian to explain the origin of Baby Yoda.

The only problem is that although the intention was appreciated, the truth is that it was not something that was really attractive not only for fans but also for other users. However, the last proposal seems to be changing and it could be a model that fits much better in the personal tastes of each one. It’s about the Boba Feet sneakers.

Adidas x Star Wars Sneakers

These are other of the Adidas x Star Wars proposals

Adidas’ latest proposal based on Star Wars is a boot-style sneakers that cost inspired by the popular character of the saga, Boba Fett. Thus, the well-known Mandalorian and especially his armor give color to this particular proposal where there are details that stand out above the rest.

The first is the matte dark green color shade. Then there is the brown line and the red details that also help to identify other elements of the suit that the Mandalorian is wearing. A combination that frankly is still striking, but much easier to combine on a day-to-day basis. Although that does not mean that there are details that show that you are a Star Wars geek.

The first ones are those accessories for the left and right shoe laces that make up the words Boba Feet. Then there are others like the tongue patch or that bag that is attached to the outer side of the shoe. As you can see, elements that will easily make you recognize what type of shoe you have in front of you.

Adidas x Star Wars Top Ten Hi Bobba Fett

Adidas X Star Wars Boba Fett

The Top Ten Hi sneaker reinvents itself to pay tribute to Boba Fett, the mysterious bounty hunter, with a color scheme inspired by his armor

Despite maintaining the same form of other proposals such as C-3PO, the truth is that of all these Boba Fett are the ones that possibly attract the most attention. Although here logically everything will be a matter of taste and it will not be strange to see who prefers gold.

However, speaking of something that you are surely considering, the new shoes Adidas x Star Wars Top Ten Hi Bobba Fett They will have an approximate price of about 109.95 euros and will be available from next September 25.

They will arrive in a special pack that will commemorate the 40th anniversary of Episode V of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. In that package there will not only be the shoes, but also a special poster and those two decorations with the words Boba and Fett to give it a greater shine if you are one of the daring ones capable of using them.

Finally, remember that “You can run, but you will only die tired.”

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