the future is in your hands

DEath Stranding coronavirus

As Hideo Kojima himself would say, the future is in your hands. That must have been the idea that the good guy Junjie had in mind, since, obsessed with protecting his son, he decided to create a cabin that would avoid contagion from his baby. For this he was inspired by the designs of Death stranding, where Bridges employees wear a special suit to which they connect the BB, a capsule with a baby inside that warns of nearby dangers.

To achieve this he has used the cat carrier, which has a fairly large transparent visor, and with the help of various air filters and an air quality monitor has managed to create a preserved capsule with which to keep your little one isolated from the outside.

Although we would have to see how tight the system really is (something tells us that this rack is not entirely reliable), it should not be denied that the result is at least curious. However, do you think it is safe to put a baby in such a cabin? Possibly not.

A joke that has gotten out of hand?

The interesting thing is that the creator of this peculiar system is a well-known network cosplayer who usually surprises with his creations. On this occasion, he hung his work a few weeks ago in TikTok and other networks, and his first intention seems to have been to protect his son from the polluted air in Shanghai since, according to him, he did not want the poor quality air that floods the city to breathe.

But of course, with everything that has become involved with the damn coronavirus, it seems that he has been modifying his speech to imply that the capsule is intended to care for its heir to the epidemic that is affecting the world, and for this he decided use the hashtag #coronavirus to get more visibility in the networks. So we may have a little case of opportunism here. To all this we must add details such as the logos of Umbrella Corporation (the Resident Evil biotech company), so everything points to the fact that we could be facing an excessive joke.

Be that as it may, the work is what it is and it attracts a lot of attention, but something tells us that this child is not particularly comfortable with his face against the glass. And much less should we trust putting a child in a semi-waterproof cabin powered by a home air filter.