Facebook with Dark Mode reaches more Android users. See how it looks


After Messenger implemented Dark Mode in the last year, Facebook seems to be finally extending this mode to its other applications on Android smartphones.

This week we saw the arrival of Dark Mode in the last beta of WhatsApp, and today we have new information that shows that this mode has reached more Facebook users.

Dark Mode is being tested on Android smartphones. Credit: Android Police

It is good to remember that at the end of last year we reported that this mode was being tested by some Facebook users. However, their availability was quite limited.

According to the Android Police website, several users reported having received Dark Mode in the past hours on the Facebook app for Android. Although it is not yet possible to talk about anything very extensive, a widespread release does not seem to be very far.

Thanks to these images, we are getting a clearer idea of ​​how Dark Mode can look on Facebook. During these tests, users claim that certain sections of the app still alternate between regular and dark mode at random.

Facebook's Dark Mode arrives with gray tones

This dark mode is similar to what many apps have done, with gray tones. However, it would be interesting if in the final version it was given the chance to have the same black background, as in Messenger or Twitter.

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