In an effort to give its users better privacy control, Facebook has created a new role regarding third party login. Therefore, whenever you log in to your Facebook account through a third party app, you will receive proper notification detailing the times and the shared content.

The notification in question will be sent via email and also through the Facebook app if you have it installed. The notification text will tell you which app you used, the day, the time and the details that were shared such as photo, name, email and other personal information.

Example of Notifying a Third Party Login to Facebook

In the notification, Facebook adds that you can access the settings and remove app permissions at any time. This feature will add a layer of security to the interaction between third party apps and the social network. It is important to note that it is already possible to login by third parties long ago but the user was not notified at all this way.

Options are available from the Privacy Check options, accessible on the Facebook support page. This is where you can review all apps you have always accessed and revoke those permissions if you wish.

Facebook is in an unfavorable position

With all the controversies on Facebook, the most recent is its position on political ads following the US 2020 elections. The social network allows political campaign advertisers to post ads with few restrictions. On the other hand, platforms like Twitter and Spotify are banning political ads in order to maintain their impartiality and avoid any scandals.

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