Facebook: The social network is different, have you detected the changes?

Facebook: The social network is different, have you detected the changes?
Facebook social network update
Your Facebook has changed, have you noticed? Credit- Facebook

Small cosmetic change began to be detected by users. Now, it is Facebook itself that has advanced on its PR and communication page that these changes are to stay. But what are the news about the most used social network in the world?

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Whenever something we use daily changes, there is some concern. However, as the Twitter made in March, now is Facebook eliminating the corners of our profile images in the thumbnails shown. But it doesn't stop there …

The social network Facebook has changed the look of your photos

Because corners are something of 2016, like margins on a smartphone, Facebook has decided to create a new slideshow for your photos. Very soon (as soon as you update your Facebook social app) you will see that your photos will appear (in thumbnail) in a different, smaller and rounded way.

Facebook social network update
The Before and After Social Network

This is part of a change within the social network that will affect all of its design language and iconography. The images will appear in the same way as Facebook Messenger icons, a round bubble.

According to the social network itself this new iconography will make it easier for readers to comment and navigate within their own network, especially when using their smartphone App.

Finally, Facebook has also added a feature that will let you see where a link will go. That is, you may know the fate of a link before you click it. We will also have more visual changes, including increased contrast to make it easier to read comments and content within the social network.

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The social network states that these changes will gradually reach users and various operating systems. From that side I already detected the changes, and you?

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