Facebook prepares to "steal" more memory from your smartphone

Facebook prepares to "steal" more memory from your smartphone

Facebook prepares to Facebook is an application that can have mixed feelings. Some love the social network, others prefer to live without it, however, it is increasingly difficult to abdicate the blue icon on your screen.

Facebook is for some of us, including me in this view, a necessary evil and one of the few ways to get in touch with everyone I know. Note that a latest study indicated that the app has about 5.8 million active users in UK alone. (Note, Brazilian friends, we are only 10 million)

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If you have a high-end or mid-range terminal, you certainly do not understand why you are very frustrated with this application, but if you are one of those who uses an input device, have you ever seen a cup of coffee and a nice cream? for the app to open.

Apart from a heavy application, Facebook is an app that eats too much memory on your smartphone. You may have seen yourself in an elevator, or in places you don't have a network, but you could still swipe the Facebook feed bravely without telling you that you weren't connected.

Facebook vigorously continues to "steal" memory from your smartphone

Well, Facebook uses a lot of memory on your smartphone to give you that possibility. Writes some feeds into temporary memory (Cache memory) and replaces each time you open the app.

But it seems not enough yet! Apparently Mark Zuckerberg's team is developing a new technology called Instant video. Like Instant articles, video memory will be temporarily recorded on your smartphone and regularly replaced by others.

This is the new way Facebook has found to fight YouTube as the most relevant platform in the video segment. Facebook, in my opinion, only has one big problem in this industry, once the video goes through the feed you never see it again and it is almost impossible to find with a simple search.

As for Instant videos, the new platform is not yet available to everyone, however, according to Matt Navarra of The Next Web's, some users can already see the "lightning" symbol in some videos.

If you have a 16GB smartphone with internal memory, it's time to look for other solutions because Facebook intends to steal even more available space.

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