Facebook Messenger makes it even easier to make a group call

Facebook Messenger makes it even easier to make a group call
Facebook Messenger Group Calls Group Call
The new update of this real-time messaging and communications application streamlines the entire process.

Facebook Messenger, an instant messaging application, calling, GIFS, stickers, filters, group calling and more. By the way, its range of functions and features has already counted (and still counts in most regions), with the artificial intelligence of the "M". In practice, a virtual assistant who gave you suggestions of GIF's.

Now if you use this application then you might like to know that it will be even easier to start a group call. The news is being distributed through the app stores. Whether in the Google Play Store for Android or AppStore for iOS. You can now download this update.

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So far, making a group call on Facebook Messenger was not that easy. First you had to make a video or voice call with one of your friends, acquaintances, contacts or any other entity you wanted to make contact with.

Then you had to turn off that first conversation, look for the other person you wanted to add to the conversation. To do this you needed to send him a message. Only after that could you start a group call on Facebook Messenger itself. Now multiply this by two, three, four or even ten people (maximum number). Besides being time consuming is boring.

Group calling on Facebook Messenger is much easier

Now this whole process of initiating a group call in Facebook Messenger has been resolved. Or rather, simplified. Thanks to the latest update of this application, the option to add more contacts to group calls is much easier. You won't have to cross a sea of ​​boring menus or settings. You just have to press the "+" that will appear in a call. Then you have to select the contacts. The whole process will now be much more expeditious.

In these group calls you can continue to use the augmented reality filters you already know. Also, and as soon as the whole group call is over, you will be redirected to a group chat. This of course, so that they can continue the conversation, for example.

This makes it much easier and involves less effort to add more people to group calls. Note that the update is being phased out and phased out. It may take a while before you reach UK too.

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