Home Android Facebook is 'distressed' with location permissions on iOS 13 and Android 10

Facebook is 'distressed' with location permissions on iOS 13 and Android 10

Facebook is 'distressed' with location permissions on iOS 13 and Android 10

Facebook has made a publication stressing the importance of gaining access to its users' locations. It's ironic that Facebook posts something like this even when iOS 13 and Android 10 are about to be released.

"Facebook is better with location, makes hotel check-ins and travel planning easier. It also helps improve ads and keep the Facebook community safer. Features like Finding Wi-Fi and Close Friends use accurate location even when you don't use the app to ensure alerts and tools that are more personalized to you. " – publication on the official website of the social network.

The new operating systems from Apple and Google will offer more privacy options, including app access to location. This will make life difficult for Facebook, which benefits from all the data it can collect.

Facebook explains how permissions are made on iOS 13 and Android 10

In the post, Facebook details how location collection will be done in the new operating systems. On Android 10, social networking explains that users will have the option to individually choose which apps access their location.

However, there is the option to allow the app to access your location even when not in use. Facebook 'promises' that if you disable this option, nothing will be collected when the app is not used.

For iOS 13, the permissions are similar. However, Apple's operating system offers an option called "allow once" which as the name implies, only exceptionally allows access to the location.

Facebook admits it will get location in it

In the same post, Facebook points out that it may be able to collect the location of its users, even with restrictions. This will be possible through check-ins, events, or internet connection information, depending on whether you use public or private networks.

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