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Facebook goes to court for copying (blatantly) the logo for your cryptocurrency

Having rocked the banking industry by announcing its plans to launch its own cryptocurrency, Facebook continues to see its increasingly complicated plans. Especially during this week, Libra has been facing big problems and its future is getting darker.

After seeing PayPal, eBay, Stripe, Visa and Mastercard abandon the boat, the social network is now facing a court case, accused of copying the logo of a banking App. Let's say this court case has been expected for some time, as the similarities between the two logos are too obvious.

The warning had been issued a long time ago

In late June, shortly after Facebook announced its Libra cryptocurrency and consequent subsidiary "Calibra", App Current's official Twitter account released the first 'warning'. Putting the two logos side by side, they just said, "This is what happens when you only have one crayon."

The differences are so slight that in the case against Facebook, Current claims that the Calibra logo "is not only confusingly similar but virtually identical to that of Current Marks." Looking at both examples, it is clear that Calibra's is an obvious copy, even using the same "color palette".

Explanation for similarities does not justify Facebook's lack of action

According to CNBC, both logos were created by the same design company, Character. It appears that the company is also being targeted in this process as it did not show much "character" when copying its own design to a new customer.

Although it was created by the same company, as the two logos were developed three years apart, it is unlikely that they were developed by the same team. In addition, it is obvious that both designs are not "unique and innovative", which brings even more suspicion to the company's activities.

Facebook Pound Problems

Even if it wasn't Facebook that created the logo, they should have done a little research to check that there were no similar logos on the market. In fact, the similarities are so great that a quick Google Images search yields dozens of results for Current.

Certainly the implementation, or flop, Libra will still have a lot to talk about and it seems that Facebook has managed to find another beautiful source of problems.

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