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PS5 has another major disadvantage (at launch) compared to the confirmed Xbox Series X!

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: April 5th is the official launch day!

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WhatsApp: how to silence or transform a video into GIF

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Facebook begins to implement Dark Mode! See the differences!

Facebook is without question one of the most used applications in the world. This is why any design change is thought more than once.

With the integration of Dark Mode in various applications in recent times, Facebook could be the next to receive this news. As expected, the changes are not drastic, but give your application a different twist.

So will Facebook with Dark Mode

Facebook Dark Mode

As you can see the changes are few. The differences go from changing the "white" to the "black". We can also see that the dark hue is not exactly "black". It's a shame because that way would save even more battery on smartphones.

That is, there are several shades of black. On AMOLED screens, when darker is better. This is because the pixels in that zone are completely off and saves considerably more battery life on the smartphone.

Facebook Dark Mode

As we can see Facebook's Dark Mode will be slightly grayed out. We can see that from the "GoalCast" logo above where we see a truly black background.

So expect your smartphone to save more battery when using Facebook's Dark Mode, but don't expect the same savings as other Apps that actually use "true" Dark Mode.

When will the new Facebook design arrive


No concrete dates yet. I remember that WhatsApp, which is also part of Facebook, is already a good months with the possible implementation of the feature but is taking longer than expected. As I said, when it is an application that is on the smartphone of millions and millions of people, all the details must be considered.

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