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The Rock announces the start of filming of Black Adam, the villain of Shazam!

The Rock will be Black Adam Shazam! It turned out to be a movie that pleasantly surprised many viewers. On the contrary, among those who...

Xiaomi gets done amazing and beyond Huawei in Europe!

Xiaomi's climb in Europe has been truly impressive, managing to fully win over European users during...

Samsung Galaxy S21 + shames iPhone 12 Pro Max at AnTuTu

Not too long ago, a video appeared in which we could see the Samsung Galaxy S21...

Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra: CEO shows first image of alleged smartphone

When it comes to introducing new smartphones, Xiaomi is one of the companies most likely to...

Facebook attacks Apple in defense of small businesses

Changes to iOS privacy settings made by Apple have been widely criticized by several companies in the technology industry, and Facebook has decided to resort to a creative way to attack the Cupertino brand.

Those responsible for the social network have now chosen to publish advertisements in newspapers to put their foot on technology, seeking to warm up even more a debate that has been fueled in recent months through various press releases.

Facebook’s criticisms of Apple

Facebook advertising against Apple in a newspaper

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, the limits imposed on data collection and targeted advertising are detrimental to small businesses that use the platform as a source of income.

Facebook claims to be “facing Apple on behalf of all small businesses,” accusing Tim Cook’s company of strangling them by limiting the way personalized ads are distributed.

The social network advances even though this limitation, according to internal data, will reduce sales by 60%, and that in the case of smaller companies this will translate into insolvency requests and an increase in the number of unemployed.

Apple defends itself and claims consumer protection

Apple has responded to criticism alleging that these measures are implemented with consumer protection in mind, even putting a finger on the wound and accusing Facebook of not having any kind of consideration for the privacy of its users.

From Apple Park, accusations of violation of consumer rights arrive, with reference to the fact that Facebook collects all the data it obtains on its most varied platforms, in order to earn money from this information.

It is certain that Facebook is constantly involved in controversies related to the way it handles user data, but this particular debate promises to heat up in the coming months, as Apple’s new guidelines come into force.

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