Facebook apologizes for error that insulted Chinese president

xi jiping

As The Guardian advances, Facebook recently found itself involved in a small controversy due to a poor translation. The controversy stems from a post on the social network by a Chinese state advisor about Chinese President Xi Jiping.

However, when translated from Burmese into English, the Chinese president’s name appeared as “Mr Sh * thole”. Facebook has since corrected this error and has made a public apology for the cartoon situation.

It is a matter of language and automatic translations that produced an unpleasant effect. Facebook explained that its Burmese database did not contain the names “Xi Jiping”. Therefore, the translator did the best he could with the word “Xi” transforming it into “Shi”, along with the rest of the offensive word.

xi jiping
Chinese President Xi Jiping

Facebook had supposedly ended Burmese translations

In 2018, Reuters reported a similar situation with Facebook’s translations from Burmese to English. Therefore, at the time, a Facebook spokeswoman said that the social network had disabled the Burmese language translation functions.

However, it seems that the function has returned since the translation of phrases related to the Chinese president had the mentioned bizarre effect. Hopefully China is not upset by the social network, although Facebook is banned in the country so it shouldn’t make much difference.

There are many famous websites blocked in China, one being Facebook. Due to the authoritarian government of China, Chinese users have to be content with the social networks that exist internally, such as Weibo, from where many leaks of information come from the world of technology.

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