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Eye, DJI: the EVO II is the first folding drone capable of recording video in 8K

EVO II: a consumption drone that folds and records in 8K

Despite current restrictions and regulations, drones are still the order of the day. It is a tremendously attractive and entertaining product that especially finds its audience among lovers of video recording. It is precisely this sector that can look with better (and sweet) eyes the latest proposal of Autel Robotics, a company that has appeared in Les Vegas with very interesting proposals within the drone segment.

This is stated by the firm itself, which points out that its equipment is tremendously advanced, powerful, with great autonomy, speed and also with 8K recording capabilities. There is nothing. The call EVO 2 It has a half inch CMOS sensor, with a maximum resolution of 8,000 x 6,000 pixels and a maximum ISO of 3200, and is collected quite easily, allowing fold parts of your body to be much easier to store, handle and transport.


They are not the only qualities of this flying team. As for its maximum speed, it can reach 72 km / h approximately (it has a standard flight mode and one called Ludicrous) and remain in flight for 40 minutes with a single charge (thanks to a 7,100 mAh module), which is undoubtedly very attractive figures. The EVO 2 enjoys a dozen vision sensors, two sonar sensors and two lights for landing mode, in addition to being able to overcome obstacles (precisely thanks to the help of the 12 sensors mentioned above), recognize people, drive from a distance of up to 9 kilometers and cope with gusts of wind that would easily destabilize other drones. It also offers HDR mode in video recording.


EVO 2, by the way, has not appeared alone in the city of sin and dresses long accompanied by two brothers: the EVO 2 Pro, which offers a resolution of 5,472 x 3,648 pixels and records at 6K in exchange for a 1-inch sensor; and the EVO 2 Dual, which has the same technical qualities as the standard EVO 2 but combining the usual camera with an additional thermal type developed by FLIR.

Availability of the new EVO 2

The new EVO 2 drones do not yet have a specific date of sale, so that the manufacturer has only limited them to show them at the Las Vegas fair with a view to let us know of their existence and follow the track closely .

As for the price, Nor has it been revealed at the moment – if they have not given a date of commercialization, they were less going to talk about costs. We will have a little patience.

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