Everything we know (or think we know) about Warzone, the Battle Royale of Call of Duty

Everything we know (or think we know) about Warzone, the Battle Royale of Call of Duty

A gigantic map

Warzone map

The supposed Warzone map will be extremely large, but for you to get an idea, the Reddit user SlammedOptima has compared the map extent of Blackout with Warzone so you can get an idea of ​​the dimensions we are talking about. To achieve a similar scale, the roads and the Blackout ship have been helped to adjust the size to a similar scale.

It is an adjustment made completely by eye, but more or less it helps us to see that the new Warzone map is twice as grand as that of the first Blackout Battle Royale. Why so big?

A war of 200 people

The reason for this extensive map could be the number of players who can jump to the battlefield simultaneously. It seems that they will be 200 people in total those who can join the game, being able to choose modalities of individual, couple, trios and quartets.

Forced training

Modern Warface Battle Royale

Before playing Warzone we must complete a first training to know the game mechanics and the different terms that we will find in the game. In this way we will learn to dig through the loot that we find along the way, in addition to being able to call the supply department to receive extra items that we can buy with a currency that the game will tell.

This form of payment will be based on a currency that we will collect as we complete contracts or challenges, in addition to that we can also find it along the way at different points on the map.

Modern Warfare Baneo

Although Warzone has not been officially announced, some users have fallen for some reason in their training mode. An unidentified bug that has revealed many secrets and has even led to banning some users who decided to share the experience through social networks.

First video look at the map

COD modern warfare Battle Royale

This kind of demo has encouraged many to squeeze the information offered to the fullest, to the point that they have managed to see the entire Warzone map without officially launching it. How? As you can see in the video, a user has been able to overcome the limits of the training area by performing a series of jumps on the map until reaching the outside, thus being able to take a walk around the map with total freedom.

The problem is that, having escaped the limits of the training map, the general map has not fully loaded the textures, so the visual aspect is far from being the one we will really see in the game. Still it helps us to see locations and many map details.

The game does not end so soon

Call of Duty Morden Warfare Duos

One of the things that users like least when playing a Battle Royale, is that some games could be shorter than you might expect. To finish defeated can cost just a few seconds, something that forces us to start the game again. However, in Warzone the thing could change, since apparently we can bring back a fallen partner by paying the corresponding amount in the supply department.

In addition, if in full game they knock you down and you remain half defenseless on the ground with the gun as the only weapon, you can get back up as long as you finish with a rival. In this way the games could have a second chance, and you can get up to continue with your goal, either alone or accompanied.

When will Warzone be available?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Since neither mode is currently confirmed, the release date is something that is completely far away. But they have not resisted the most anxious users of the Battle Royale, since they have linked a series of tracks with which they intend to ensure that the mode will arrive tomorrow Tuesday 18th of February. The reason? The following.

On the one hand, we have the day. At first it was thought that the launch day would be March 15, since a calendar shown on one of the new maps of season two marked that day with an emoticon. Obviously, as you could see, that day was not the chosen one, however, there are other details that could be more accurate.

As some data miners have discovered, the Warzone will be accompanied by a series of challenges spread over 8 weeks. If we consider that the challenges of the multiplayer mode of Season 2 began a week ago and have a total of 9 weeks to cover (just when season 3 would begin), it makes sense to think that Warzone will open on February 18 to go at the same pace in weeks of challenge as the traditional multiplayer.

In addition, one of the best known streamers in the gamer scene, DrDisrespect, announced last Friday that it would take some mini-vacations to return on Monday strongly. Given that we are talking about a Call of Duty partner and a person very involved in the industry, everything seems to indicate that the streamer is preparing for the launch of the new mode. Some say that this weekend has been testing private beta for all time, and this week it will openly broadcast to everyone (even for non-subscribers). Lighter water.

We will only have to wait a few hours to get out of doubt, so prepare your soldier arsenal, which very soon you could jump into battle.


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