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Everyday Backpack Zip, should you pay that much for a backpack?

A unique design

Peak Design is one of the most valued brands in design matters. All its products offer this differential point with respect to their direct competition. The problem is that such a design implies a higher price for the product and may then not pay as much. Still, we go piece by piece.

The first thing that catches the attention of the Everyday Backpack ZIP it is its exterior aesthetics and construction materials. It has very attractive, simple and minimalist finishes that appeal to the naked eye. In addition, it is a backpack with a certain level of rigidity and that is something that some will appreciate.

Observing it in detail, the big zipper It is another of the elements that attract attention. With a 270º coverage, it allows both the upper opening and quick access from the sides to the inside of it. But before talking about the interior, more small and interesting details:

  • The two outer pockets, ideal for carrying objects such as a water bottle, a thermos or a travel tripod, integrate a system of images with which they are fixed when they are empty. They also have elastic so that what you put in them is more secure

  • There are three handles, one on the top and two on the sides to make it easy to grip and carry at all times
  • In the part of the back it includes an opening to be able to place the backpack on a trolley and that it does not fall

  • The main zipper has a security system that, without being infallible, helps to avoid quick openings when, for example, you go on public transport
  • There are small buckles in various parts of the backpack that allow it to be attached with the included straps to transport other objects such as a bicycle helmet, a jacket, etc.

  • The straps rotate at the top to improve the comfort of the straps when you place the backpack on your back
  • Waterproof fabric to prevent water from entering the backpack

With all this, the backpack externally demonstrates that differential point in terms of design that we mentioned at the beginning. So much so that if you like backpacks it is very easy to recognize at a glance. So, now yes, let’s talk about its interior.

Flexfold, the key to your interior

If the external design of the Everyday Backpack Zip from Peak Design attracts attention, more does its interior. This is very different from other bags, especially those that are intended to be used as a bag to carry photo and video cameras.

Here the key is in the Flexfolds, a kind of dividers with a touch of origami that allows different positions. Thanks to them you can establish floors or levels with which to separate your personal belongings and facilitate the access of a camera or other devices that you can carry in your day to day.

There are several ways to use them and they are the ones that partly mark the experience. Also, if you want to remove them completely, you can do so as they are fixed by velcro. So you can use the backpack to carry your photographic equipment or the books you need for class or the gym clothes. You decide at all times.

On the sides you find the additional pockets It offers to store small objects. Two of them are closed again with a system of magnets and the others with a zipper. And already at the top is a zippered pocket for faster and easier access, ideal for storing a charger and its cable, sunglasses, keys and even documentation such as a passport when traveling.

And finally there is, how could it be otherwise, a pocket for storing laptop or tablet. This has the particularity of, again through a velcro system, being able to adjust its depth depending on whether you store a device with a 13 or 15-inch screen. So when accessing it to remove it, you would not have to put your hand all the way, it would always be at the height of the zipper.

A very functional backpack

Physically known the backpack, let’s talk about the experience of use. This could be summarized as resulting a very functional backpack. Although it will depend on what type of objects you need to take with you to make it more or less comfortable. Because if you carry a lot of small devices and gadgets it is not so practical unless you resort to those small bags, which Peak Design also has, which serve to store and organize your smaller objects.

Thus, it does earn points and access to its interior from anywhere and in any situation is very agile. Also, the Flexfolds are very interesting. It is true that you have to get the hang of it and experiment with your options, but the customization capacity of the interior is brutal.

The only problem is that, compared to other backpacks, we have not found it as comfortable when you load it to the maximum taking advantage of its 20L capacity. How it distributes the load is what we notice the most. And it is not that it is uncomfortable, but there is that small point that can make it not as ideal as a priori you could imagine.


Given all the above, to the question of whether or not this backpack is worth it, we have to say yes and no. Due to the quality of materials and design, it is a proposal without practically competition. One of the best we have tried and there are very well thought out details.

The main problem is that due to that very particular design it may not be the ideal backpack for everyone. In addition, it is a product that attracts a lot of attention and if you like to go unnoticed it is not the best option either.

Although what weighs the most, without a doubt, is its price. Pay 200 or 250 euros which usually costsDepending on the 15 or 20 L capacity and color model, it may be excessive for a daily backpack to carry your laptop, tablet, camera and other gadgets and personal items. However, understanding well the type of product it is, if you bet on it, it is very likely that it will convince you.

* Note to reader: the links posted here are part of our agreement with the Amazon affiliate program. Despite this, our recommendations are always created freely, without attending to any kind of request from the brands mentioned in the article.

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