Even with the controversy, readers continue to trust Huawei

Even with the controversy, readers continue to trust Huawei

The controversy that Huawei could provide information to the Chinese government is increasingly noisy. The United States was the first to warn its incidentals that they should not trust the "good prices" of the Chinese brand.

Although many countries continue to await the development of information, such as UK, other countries such as Australia, Norway, Japan or even UK carriers such as BT and Vodafone have already expressed their suspension or removal of branded products.

Even with the controversy, readers continue to trust HuaweiThis means that Huawei has justifications to give. The Chinese manufacturer said it does not provide or will provide data to the Chinese government, however, Chinese law requires companies to provide this intelligence as soon as requested by the government.

So we decided to ask our readers what they thought of the situation. It was a straightforward question to get a straight answer. Do you trust Huawei or not?

The response from 55.1% of readers was positive. EBox followers believe there is no cause for alarm. However, it should be noted that 44.9% of readers look at Huawei with suspicious eyes. This in a survey that exceeded a thousand people.

Do you trust Huawei or not?

That is, if this question were asked a few years ago, I wonder whether or not we would have this suspicion.

In short, Huawei is innocent until proven otherwise. So far we have allegations. Only and only. There is no way to prove that Huawei provides information to the Chinese government. But even if I do, will we ever know?

This is the impasse that Huawei will have to unveil. How will you gain public trust? The brand cannot simply register its "Head Office" in another country, otherwise it would no longer have the financial support it currently has from China. The story is complicated and I can't wait to have more conclusions.

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