According to documents found at the XDA Developers forum, the European Union is developing a plan to make batteries accessible to the user again. If the legislation is passed, it means that mobile phones will again have removable batteries.

Most manufacturers currently choose to place batteries built into mobile phones. However, batteries are sometimes the first component to deteriorate, damaging the rest of the phone’s structure, in addition to making it difficult to recycle if it is built-in.


These may be the reasons why the European Union is considering reversing the standard. The truth is that there are still cell phones to be sold with external batteries, but they are low-end devices or more “traditional” key phones.

These documents are supposed to be officially announced in March. In any case, this change may still take some years to happen, if all the legislation goes ahead. Not all projects approved by the European Union get to see the light of day.

European Union wants to standardize entries on mobile phones

For almost a decade, the European Union has been aiming for mobile phones: standardizing charging inputs in a single protocol. This would lead to the creation of a single European charger, transversal to all mobile phones, regardless of the manufacturer.

About 14 manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Nokia signed a memorandum in 2009 recognizing the need to standardize mobile phone charging entries. This idea is intended to reduce the electronic waste caused by chargers thrown into the trash.

The company that would be most affected by this decision would be Apple, which continues to use its proprietary entry Lightning. If one day the standardization is approved, Apple will be forced to comply with European standards, abandoning its entry.

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