European Union may force Apple to abandon Lightning entry

iPhone port

The European Union is considering a bill that will require the choice of a standard input for all electronic devices. As read in the statement released by the sovereign body, this law will apply to smartphones, tablets, e-books and others.

This bill could be voted on in the next plenary of the European Parliament. It means that we will soon know if this idea will really go forward.

iPhone port

Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning are the proposals on the table

These are the three possibilities that are on the table. European legislators will have to decide which of these options should be the standard to follow in the future.

As this proposal is written, companies will be required to use the same input on all their equipment. Of the options on the table, USB-C is the one that is best positioned, as more and more devices are using this input.

If this law is passed and USB-C is chosen by default, Apple will even have to change the entry on their iPhones. A decision that must be met at least on all models that the company ships to Europe.

Apple already defended Lightning entrance

This is not the first attempt by the European Union to standardize entries for mobile devices. A year ago, Apple argued that taking such action would “freeze innovation.”

The US company argued that the fact that there are already more than 1 billion iPhones on the market would lead to an “unprecedented level of electronic waste”. A scenario that would be bad for the environment, the company argued.

It is possible that Apple will again struggle with not passing this bill. The above arguments may again be invoked by the American giant.

From the user’s point of view, it would be very advantageous for such a law to be applied. It would be much more comfortable if we could use the same cable to charge all our equipment. We await the outcome of this story.

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