Ethereum – If in January you invested $ 100 today you had almost $ 6,000

Ethereum first hits $ 700 and shows solid growth

One of the cryptocurrencies to consider besides Bitcoin is an Ether call from the Ethereum platform. Ethereum is a bit different from Bitcoin in many ways, so before investing in the asset take a look at its possibilities.

Simply put, Ethereum gives other companies and individuals the ability to build their platforms and applications through the Blockchain network. Blockchain is decentralized and at this moment impossible to hacker, as the future of the world should be.

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Its founder Vitalik Buterin, just 23, is one of the smartest minds of the moment and one of the richest young people in the world. The Ethereum platform is already used by entities like Barclays or even with the Russian bank.

Vitalik Buterin's ethereum is in the millstone above!

Much is said about Ethereum becoming as strong as Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has grown significantly this year and if in January an Ether was valued at $ 8.36 today it first reached $ 500.

Practically speaking, if in January you had invested $ 100 in cryptocurrency today you would have nearly $ 6,000, why not?

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Cryptocurrencies are on the rise and Ether is very responsible for that. If you want to risk investing in some relatively low value cryptocurrency, take a look at EOS, which allows you to do something similar to Ethereum but faster and with a higher transaction volume per minute.

The difference between EOS and Vitalik's cryptocurrency is that Ethereum has already shown itself capable of creating products on its platform, yet EOS has nothing physical to prove it, maybe soon …

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