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Epson EH-TW6700W: the full review 2020

At the end of December, we reviewed the Epson EH-TW9300W, a high-end video projector, spectacular in use, but expensive (3690 euros). For movie fans, the Japanese automaker offers a more affordable alternative, the EH-TW6700W, sold for 1,700 euros. A price that remains high when you know that there are devices less than 800 euros, impressive by their performance, like the BenQ W1090, reviewed by the editorial staff. Should we still fall for the new Epson model? Our opinion on the matter.

On the design side, as always with Epson, the assembly of the product is very clean. The form factor is a little imposing in thickness (about 16 cm), but this is explained in particular by the presence of a Lens Shift which allows to shift the image horizontally and vertically. If the latter is only manual, the amplitudes of ± 60% vertically and ± 24% horizontally, are sometimes saving in configurations where the device is not perfectly in line with the projection support.
There is also a zoom function (1.6x optics) and keystone correction to perfectly adjust the geometry of the image.

Two rear speakers

At the rear, there is a basic connection: two HDMI, a VGA port, a mini jack audio output and two USB sockets. One is used for the service part (product diagnosis and update), the other for charging 3D glasses. We will come back to it.

What is interesting, especially when viewed from this angle, is the presence of two speakers on either side of the sockets. Delivering a power of 20 watts RMS, they obviously cannot replace a multi-channel home theater system. However, for occasional use, in a vacation home, or during an outdoor screening at a sporting event for example, these speakers do the trick. Especially since the stereo sound is fairly well balanced. Even at high volume, the voices stand out quite well from the background audio track of the film being screened. Epson also delivers a cover allowing to hide the connections, for a more neat installation.

Finally, the last interesting point of the design, the EH-TW6700W incorporates a dust filter intended to protect the electronics. It is easily accessible: it can therefore be cleaned or replaced when it becomes necessary.

A very beautiful Full HD image

It’s almost no surprise that the picture quality of this Epson EH-TW6700W is striking. The measured contrast ratio is very good (1607: 1), as is the brightness elsewhere (466 cd / m² max). This Epson EH-TW6700W therefore offers sharp Full HD projections, of remarkable dynamics and, with an image with the right colors. Our measurement probe confirms in this regard that this video projector displays a fidelity of colors which borders on perfection, especially in cinema mode. In this configuration, the brightness is unfortunately a little lower (335 cd / m²), but this is still enough to enjoy your movie session.

During our reviews, we noted however on certain scenes that the projections of the EH-TW6700W suffer from a fairly pronounced fringe effect. This defect is easily noticeable, on the image below, at the shoulder.

If the quality remains generally very satisfactory in 2D, it is also so in 3D where the 480 Hz technology of Epson glasses does wonders. This high refresh rate shortens the shutter time, thereby decreasing the loss of brightness. It is also arguably one of the least tiring technologies for the eyes and the least likely to cause nausea. On the other hand, for a video projector offered at this price level, we regret that no pair of 3D glasses is included. You will have to pay 75 euros (approximately) per pair to equip yourself.

The EH-TW6700W comes with the same wireless video transmission box as the EH-TW9300W. This allows you to stream up to four different sources wirelessly to the projector. In use, we have not seen any problem with this Wi-HD technology. However, in our installation, the video projector and the sources connected to the transmitter are only about 4 meters apart.

Finally, we find in the EH-TW6700W all the usual strengths of Epson video projectors: effective configuration menus, fairly well-controlled noise pollution (33.7 dB) or a backlit remote control with unequaled comfort in use .

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