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OPPO Find X3 Pro is the top of the range that the brand needs in Europe! Revealed specifications

OPPO continues to show impressive growth in European markets, being by far the fastest growing during...

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018). Images reveal similarities to the Galaxy S8

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Honor X10 Lite will be the first in the line to receive global release and details are revealed

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Epic Games does not skimp on criticism of Apple and Google for their policies

The differences between Epic Games and the main app stores are not new. The former has always opposed the fees that both Apple and Google charge, something that led to the launch of Fortnite, on Android, outside the Play Store.

Even after stepping back and launching Fortnite on the Play Store, Epic Games continues to actively criticize the policies of tech giants. More recently, its CEO – Tim Sweeney – accused the Americans of monopoly and stifling competition.

Epic Games

Epic Games criticizes the obstacles that Apple and Google put to the competition

In his most recent statements, Tim Sweeney accuses Apple of a monopoly on its App Store. Google did not skip criticism, having been accused by the CEO of stifling competition.

In the case of Apple, Apple simply forbids the existence of app stores that can compete with yours. We all know that the American has very tight control over what goes into her equipment, but Epic Games is not happy with that.

When we look at Google, there is room for competition, however, Epic Games believes that the American giant does everything to stifle it. An example of this was the arrival of Fortnite on the Play Store, but not before it accused Google of practically stifling its autonomous growth.

Studio wants to bring the Epic Games Store to Android

One of the most active ways the studio had to fight this American monopoly was to launch its app store. The Epic Games Store is available on Windows and macOS, and its launch for Android is also planned.

Aware of the difficulty of fighting the Apple Store and Play Store, Epic Games had to present an advantage for programmers to choose their store. To this end, it established a commission of only 12% on transfers made.

Competition establishes a rate of 30% that, for Epic Games, prevents users from getting better deals. Ultimately, this blocks better economic competition.

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