Although it is far from the unquestionable dominance of the Battle Royale segment, Fortnite remains one of the most popular games today. Much of its continued success is the fact that Epic Games continues to invest heavily in launching new content, season after season.

Cars will finally make it to Fortnite!

Epic Games promised in June that it would launch cars for the first time in Fortnite that can be driven by players. This implementation was scheduled for the beginning of the third season, but was eventually postponed. Now, after two months, they have finally confirmed that the cars will arrive at Fortnite later this week.

According to the publication made on the official Twitter account, the new update with the cars will be launched tomorrow (August 5).

In the image we see a sports car in shades of blue and red, accompanied by a new logo with the name “WHIPLASH”. No further details were given about the next update, but the presence of this logo could mean the arrival of a new area on the island of Fortnite, where the main attraction will be the new cars.

I remember that this week we have already seen a new area on the island – Coral Castle – that looks very similar to the mythical Atlantis.

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