Apple is making a huge offer of its music production and editing software: Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X. Users of Mac computers will be able to test both programs during the next 3 months, without any associated cost.

Regarding Final Cut Pro X, Apple usually offers a 30-day trial for new users. However, Logic Pro X does not even have that option, making it a good opportunity to test your music production software.

Enjoy 3 months of Final Cut Pro X

Enjoy 3 months of Logic Pro X

For Mac users, Final Cut Pro X is usually their choice, although Adobe’s programs are also good. However, since they are programs made from scratch for MacOS, they end up offering better integration into the operating system.

The same can be said of Logic Pro X, used by students and professionals all over the world in music production. If you are curious to try any of these programs, here is your opportunity with 3 months free.

Offer was motivated by the outbreak of COVID-19

It is obvious that Apple felt motivated to make this offer due to the Coronavirus outbreak that is plaguing our society. Currently, thousands of people have had to choose to do telework, or remote work, due to quarantine orders.

In this way, audio and video professionals can enjoy the programs since they are at home. Ultimately, students or curious users can dedicate themselves to learning how to use these programs, as they will not run out of time.

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