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Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless – Review / Review

Energy System Earphones Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless - Review / Review
Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless are the new Energy Sistem earphones

Energy Sistem is a household name for music fans who don't want to spend a huge amount of money, yet still have above-average quality. This is, of course, the philosophy of the Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless.

I used these earphones for a considerable period and, first of all, what stands out in them is the Wireless itself. This is sometimes, even if quite far from the main equipment from which the Bluetooth connection came, connectivity was not lost.

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On the other hand, and not looking at its more subjective design, but at its ergonomics, these earphones from Energy Sistem, even though many hours in my ears, have never become bothersome.

Incidentally, as we are not all the same, the company chose, well, to put four different types (in size) of those rubbers that will be inserted in the user's ear.

And while many do not appreciate the earphones that come into the ear, pass the expression, what is certain is that this is one of the ways to make the sound they make so isolated from what goes on outside.

These earphones from Energy Sistem are really comfortable, no doubt …

Similarly, they are difficult to drop from the ear even when we are wearing them during running, for example. But even if that's the case, there's nothing like the little helpers that come in your box.

That is, beyond the four erasers referred to above, the box in which the earphones It consists of two small supports that can be added to them, suitable for running, sporting or simply preventing them from being lost.

Before finishing, or talking about its sound quality, all that remains is to mention a very important detail, which has to do with its autonomy. Well, here, I didn't feel, to be honest, that the Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless were splendid or evil.

You can order yours here

In fact, like other earphones Of this type, which I had the opportunity to use for a long time, the performance of your battery is quite satisfactory and the charging mode quite simple, through a Micro-USB port on each earphone.

Energy System Earphones Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless - Review / Review

As for the sound quality, I think the verdict will be exactly the same, of course, considering its price. Indeed, the Energy Sistem product is far from the worst it could have used, but it is not the best either.

However, it must be remembered that I am talking about technology equipment with excellent features that does not even exceed the 100 € barrier, and not even close. So listen to music, whether on Spotify, Apple Music or any other service, as well as simple podcasts, It will be very pleasant, especially if we think of all we can do, moving around while we have them in our ears.

In addition, button that each earphone has allows each of them to be used separately if possible. This is because, with this simple button, you can pause, resume, answer or hang up. All with one touch.

Wireless Energy Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless - Review / Review
The look of Energy in the ear. Relatively (un) discrete …

However, the most subjective – in terms of opinions – of this earphones It's really your design. For me, at least, I was totally indifferent. Not pretty, or ugly. Now to the people who saw me with the Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless I was asked what could have

And your price? To be honest, I was surprised when I found out. Usually, I use similar equipment from another brand, not very loud in the market but belonging to a smaller market. premium and therefore expected that the value of these Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless would be reduced.

The Energy Sistem Energy Earphones 6 True Wireless come surrounded by various …

And it is indeed. However, perhaps not as much as you would like. To me, its price is slightly above the average you would spend for equipment like this, but I have to stress it slightly.

€ 60 is, and will be, for many, more than fair for such a complete set of earphones which, unlike anything you see on the market, offers a 36 month warranty, ie 3 years.

Today, it is something to be praised by Energy Sistem, and few or no brands do it, something that only benefits the end consumer. In this case, yourself.

So if you were already looking for something like this, whether in sports, technology or music, it might be time to invest. After all, it will be safe when playing sports, futuristic for a gift that came without headphone jack and versatile enough to listen to music while studying, playing or working.

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