At the end of November, Elon Musk held an event presenting his first electric pickup truck, the Tesla Cybertruck. However, not everything went as planned, and during a short demonstration of their bulletproof glass, the glass was broken by iron balls.

Despite the “minor” setback, the van was welcomed with open arms by the community, becoming extremely popular.

Tesla Cybertruck T-Shirt

Now it seems like two months was all they needed to wait to be comfortable playing with the whole situation of broken glass. Elon Musk goes even further, and will even monetize this incident by launching a Cybertruck clothing line.

Tesla Cybertruck t-shirt arrives with a “broken glass”

Certainly this marketing action by Elon Musk will not come as a surprise to many of his fans, and the Tesla CEO has already been well recognized for his less traditional actions.

The t-shirt in question is called “Cybertruck Bulletproof Tee” and comes with a few more garments, such as hoodie And a cap.

Tesla outfit

For some time now Musk has been promising Tesla fans new implementations in its apparel and accessories product line, but it seems to have been too busy to think of “new fashions”.

There does not seem to be much doubt that these new garments will soon be sold out. It’s probably just another way Elon Musk can easily raise a few thousand extra euros.

When it comes to Tesla Cybertruck, it appears that the first units will be marketed by the end of 2021, taking even longer until everything is ready for mass production.

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