Elon Musk shows that Cybertruck's windows can handle a steel ball after all! (video)

Elon Musk shows that Cybertruck's windows can handle a steel ball after all! (video)

The presentation of the new Tesla Cybertruck car was marked by one of the car's top designers throwing steel balls into the windows and splintering them. The idea was clearly not that.

The aim was to show how robust the car was and the stronger the glass than ever. In the first test, that same ball of steel is thrown from a considerable distance on the glass to which it withstood. But when the ball came from the hands of its designer Franz, the car's windows couldn't stand it.

Elon Musk shows car windows resisting steel ball

The video that Elon Musk showed on his Twitter account clears doubts. The glass really seems to withstand an extreme impact. However, there are no issues when saying that Tesla still has a lot to work on this Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck recorded impressive numbers

Tesla Cybertruck

Without any advertising or paid coverage, Tesla got over 146,000 orders from day one. A simply impressive number. The car will hit the market in 2022 and looks set to be another hit. Even with its unusual design.

Elon Musk stated before his presentation that this car was inspired by the legendary "spy car" of the well-known spy James Bond and that it would be as if they were driving a Blade Runner car. Well, you didn't lie.

There are not many vehicles that can boast of such irreverence. Or if you like or hate yourself. Personally I have to admit that its totally different design wins me over.

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