Electric car owners parked at gas stations to get revenge!

Electric car owners parked at gas stations to get revenge!

Electric cars are increasingly used in the UK and worldwide. To this end, we have also seen an increase in fueling locations for these vehicles in parking lots.

However, electric cars cannot always fuel because a fossil fuel car has decided that this is a parking space like any other.

Revenge of electric cars was seen in Croatia

Revenge of the Electric Car! This is how it looks when you have no other solution to emphasize the problem of blocking charging stations for EVs than to block gas station with electric vehicles. The performance lasted 6 minutes and it was not our intention to harass anyone but to point out the fact that electric vehicles are here, and their positive impact on society.

Posted by Igor Kolovrat on Monday, December 9, 2019

Fed up with this situation, some motorists decided to show what it feels like to refuel and fail because there are cars parked in the same place.

A movement promoted by Igor Kolovrat has been shared all over the world and has been reported by all-electric car drivers who are fed up with such problems.

Electric car owners parked at gas stations to get revenge!

The protest only took 6 minutes and the goal was not to condition the gas station in question. The goal, achieved, was to get the message that parking at loading locations is unethical.

The problem of charging electric cars will have to be solved.

Eletric cars

I am certainly not alone in realizing that there is a serious problem with electric cars. Charging delay and few places to do so are important factors in buying an electrified vehicle.

Besides, if there were as many electric cars as fossil fuel, where would they go? With the popularity of new technology it is a matter of time before it becomes an even worse problem.

More places to load, but with more cars needing to do so. This also means that fossil fuel cars will have even less parking spaces. We’ll see if any manufacturer finds a way to load a car as quickly as it fills the gas tank.

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