Electric car charging will start to be free by 2020

Eletric cars

Who has an electric car has already saved some change in the fuel of the car. However, unpaid electric car charging will end by 2020.

The President of Mobi.e, the leading electric car charging company in UK, said that by June 2020 all electric car filling stations will be paid.

Electric cars will continue to save considerably on fuel

Eletric cars

Still, not all is bad news. If you have an electric car you know that the amount paid to ride the same miles of a gasoline car is considerably lower.

This is one of the great advantages of electric cars. However, they still have their disadvantages. One is the loading time. Something no one has yet solved. Especially at non-fast charging stations.

More electric car filling stations

This also comes with the certainty that more electric car charging stations will be installed. The goal is to install more 643 filling stations.

However, Environment Minister Matos Fernandes pointed out that "The number of charging stations for electric vehicles has yet to increase. It would be a disappointment if at the end of a year we were just talking about these 643 posts and after two years we will certainly be talking about much more."

We still don't know what the future holds for electric cars. For now we are sure that the UK’s look at technology carefully. This is noted by the growth in sales of electric cars in UK.

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