EBox T8 6 Mini Review – One of the Best TV boxes Available

The New T8 6 MIni

This is the T8 6 Mini Review  3GB RAM and 32GB of storage makes this one of the best TV boxes for 2018

In this Post, we going to review the T8 6 Mini TV Box brought to you by EntertainmentBox.com. This device runs on the Android 7.1.2 platform and has 3G of RAM and 32G of ROM. This is one of the finest TV boxes around some will even say it could be the best. 

EBox T8 6 Mini Review - One of the Best TV boxes Available

T8 6 Mini Video/ Review/ Unboxing


Straight out of the box, you will find a petite black square device. On the front face, there is a power button and the digital clock. Turning to the right side, we find a USB and SD card ports. On the back, we have two twin antenna for extra wi-fi connectivity. There is an optical out port, an HDMI port, an ethernet port and a power adapter port. On the left side, we have two additional USB ports.

What you get with the T8 6 Mini

Further, into the box, we find the remote control in black, as well as the power and HDMI cables which come standard with each device. And finally, of course, we have the instruction manual. Here is everything that comes out of the box with the T8 6 Mini TV Box.

Everything in the box
Home Launcher 

Powering up the device, we can see the crisp display running on one of our favorite launchers, the always popular Nova Launcher. Of course, if there is another launcher you prefer, you can always download it from Google Play Store or the app store of your choice.  A unique feature of this device is the handy notification bar at the top left corner of the screen and the task manager; useful for navigating or closing multiple apps at the same time.


Bringing up the main applications menu, you can see there are various apps we have downloaded and each is fully customizable. You can add, delete and arrange apps on your launcher according to your personal preference.

The EBox T8 6 Mini comes with a 1-Year premium VPN

With the purchase of this device, you will get a premium 1-year subscription to the EBox Connect VPN. This Virtual Private Network service is encrypted and keeps no logs so that your data and viewing information are not accessible by your internet service provider. You also have the ability to change your perceived location so that anyone viewing your device online will see the country of origin that you have chosen.


EBox Store and OTA updates

The Ebox Store is a fantastic applications store where you can get the latest version of Kodi, EBMC or other top applications that we have pre-selected. We’ve organized them into easy to navigate categories and even grouped some of the top applications from each country of origin.

There are tools, gaming emulators, music and so much more from which to choose. Next, we’ll have a look at the EBOX OTA. It’s very important that all of your devices are running on the latest firmware. We’ve made it easy with this application. Simply run the EBOX OTA and it will automatically check for updates, download and install them right on your device.


Other Android app stores 

Play Store: Here we are looking at the EBOX App. This app is great for getting all the latest Entertainment Box downloads, news, and information. There are links to our social media, youtube channel and more. While some devices come with the Android TV version, the T8 6 Mini comes with the full version of the Google Play Store. With thousands of apps from which to choose, this Play Store allows you to download and install your favorite apps with just a few clicks of a button.

APKPure: This is APKPure and is yet another fantastic application store.

Aptoide: Here we are browsing Aptoide TV. This is the fourth of the five app stores that come preinstalled when you purchase the T8 6 Mini TV Box. Having access to a variety of app stores ensures that you are able to have access to as many selections of applications as possible and customize your perfect setup.

APKMirror: Finally, we have APKMirror. As with the other app stores, you can search for specific apps or browse and select from the various categories.

Dreamy 4K Playback

Now we’re going to be looking a few 4k sample videos using Kodi. This is version 17.6 of Kodi which is the latest version to date. The first sample video is a UHD 4K ts.file demo. As you can see, the image is crystal clear with no visible chop or lag. This next video is a UHD 4K .mp4 file demo. As with the previous video, you can see the image is again crisp and clean.

Android 7.1.2 Google Assistant 

Now we’re going to have a look at the settings which are easily accessed from the slide bar on the top right-hand side. Clicking on “more settings” you will find a search panel in the top right-hand corner to quickly access wifi, Bluetooth settings or even google assistant.

The T8 6 mini also comes with AirPlay. As you can see here, you can mirror cast pre-recorded video or images from any mobile device to your TV box and onto the main display.

WideVine Modular DRM support and Benchmarks

Running a quick DRM check, you can see here that this device also has Google WideVine Modular DRM support. Next, let’s take a look at the Antutu Benchmark rating for this device. The T8 6 comes in at a beefy 47,716 and below that is a more detailed breakdown of this score.




Finally, let’s take a quick look at a couple of games we’ve downloaded from Aptoide TV store. For this demo, we’ll be using the powerful EBox Bluetooth Gaming controller which is available for purchase at EntertainmentBox.com




The T8 Mini Is one of the best TV boxes for 2018 with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage it is easy to see why this T8 6 Mini is taking off. The T8 Mini will bring you years of fun an entertainment at a resealable price. What I do like is the fact that the 4K playback is smoother than a baby's bottom. By having Access to Netflix, Youtube, Kodi and millions of other apps to chose from its time to stream. The T8 mini is by far one of the best TV boxes of 2018, You can see how this T8 compares to our other TV boxes with our TV box comparison page.  




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