EBox R99 TV Box review RK3399 Hexa-Core CPU, 4GB RAM

EBox R99 TV Box review RK3399 Hexa-Core CPU, 4GB RAM Powerhouse
EBox R99 TV Box review RK3399 Hexa-Core CPU, 4GB RAM Powerhouse

Ebox R99 TV box review

The EBox R99 is now in UK stock with custom software. This smart TV box from Entertainment Box is the next generation smart TV box and is an absolute powerhouse of a device. This TV Box is now outperforming many of the newer TV boxes now on the market and should be one of the best in its class for some time to come. This is our R99 review alternatively you can Check the R99 Review from Bestdroidplayer.com   See the EBox R99 in our shop or if you want to compare this R99 TV box to our other TV boxes. Then View the Compare TV box page.

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Ebox R99 TV box design and connections

The first thing you will notice after removing the packaging sleeve is the sleek casing and the R99 and 4k ULTRA HD logos printed on the face of the device.

The front of the device is contained in a solid black aluminium case with metal trim. On the side, you have an SD card port, a Type-C USB Cable Port, a USB-2 port and USB-3 port. Turning once again you will find an Ethernet Cable Port, an optical out, an HDMI-port, a power cable port and small pin reset button. Turning again you find an infra-red panel used in conjunction with the wireless remote. Note: The infra-red panel does not have to be facing any direction to work correctly. On the bottom is small rubber pad designed to keep the device from sliding or moving on any surface. The final visual feature of the box is a small light next to the SD card port showing when the device is powered on and ready for use.

R99 TV box Video review

Bellow is the Youtube video showing you us testing this new R99 TV box.  We filmed the review every step of the way so you can see how well this new R99 Smart box performs.

Unpacking the Ebox R99

Going deeper into the box, we find all the accessories that come with the R99. First, is the power supply, which will differ based on which country of origin you order your device. Second is an HDMI power cable. Third is a basic remote control and instructions on how to operate the TV box. Also, there is a USB contained within the battery compartment. To operate the remote, you’ll want to add batteries to the compartment and plug the USB into the side of the device to operate it. While we recommend buying a Pro Remote from Entertainment Box we found this remote to be adequate.

Here we have the device and all the accessories that come out of the box when you purchase the R99 TV Box.

Now let us look at some of the accessories that are sold separately for this device.

Ebox Ipega Gamepad

The Ipega Bluetooth controller by EBox can connect to other accessory using any Bluetooth wireless connection and it has a touch-sensitive pad on the face of the controller useful for navigation on many screens.  There are the familiar gaming buttons and a Cross pad, 2 analogue sticks, volume controls on the bottom and 4 buttons on the back which can all be used in conjunction with the R99 or other Android Mobile Devices through Bluetooth connectivity.

Ebox S77 Pro Voice remote

The S77 Pro Remote by EntertainmentBox This Pro remote allows for easier navigation of your R99 or other devices. The buttons on the face can be illuminated, as well as the keypad on the back, allowing for easier use in dimly lit areas. This remote is motion sensitive, meaning when you move the remote up and down or left and right; the cursor on the screen will respond so. Finally, one unique feature of this remote control is the microphone found in the top right. This allows you to speak voice commands to your TV Box through the remote control and use voice searches, open the settings menu, etc. which will be showed later.

Home Launcher Display

Here we have everything set up and the R99 connected to the television screen. This is the home screen and we have a silver background the classic EBox logo. If we click on the “ALL APPS” button, you can see the many standard apps that come with the device, as well as a few we have added. All apps shown here can be downloaded in the “Play Store” and can all be drag and dropped to the home screen as desired. The layout is fully customizable. You can add or remove apps, move apps anywhere on the screen and add pages or widgets. This is all possible using the Nova Launcher, which is the standard launcher for this TV Box and by far one of the best launchers available for any Android TV box. There are loads of customization options including changing various backgrounds to ones included or adding your own.

Android Applications

With the R99 TV Box, you get full access to the “Google Play Store” and all applications, unlike many Android TV boxes where you are only allowed to access to specific Android TV apps. One great pre-installed application is the Aptoide Store. To see our detailed post on Aptoide click this link it will show you everything you need to know about Aptoide.

  • Aptoide is one of the fastest growing Android application stores. It has hundreds of thousands of apps designed for Android TV boxes and allows you to download and install them without the need for creating an account. Simply click and download to install any application. You can search for specific apps or find apps by clicking on one of the organized categories, as shown here.
  • IPVanish VPN unlock the full potential of this TV box with IPVanish VPN
  • YouTube Is one of the most used streaming apps on the planet. You can watch movies or TV shows through YouTube.
  • EBox Store with the Ebox store you can download or update different versions of Kodi or the EBMC without the need for tedious searching. And lets you download various applications and allows you to search these apps by country of origin. There are many games and tools which are also available. All the apps in the EBox Store are managed by EBox and added as we feel are needed to serve your needs.
  • Kodi Version 17.4 which is now the latest stable build called the EBox Media Center or EBMC which works the same. The EBox Store lets you download various applications and allows you to search these apps by country of origin. There are many games and tools which are also available.

IPVanish VPN

Voice searches

The EBox R99 is voice activation ready, so you can access voice searches or open the settings menu, as proven here. Upon speaking, you will at once notice how fast and intuitive this TV Box responds to each of your voice commands. The reason being? This device is running an RK3399 Hexa-Core CPU: Making it one the fastest running smart TV Boxes to date. Next, we’ll access some of the settings using Voice commands.

Easily download and install any Android application

Another excellent feature of the R99 is the ability to install applications using the built-in web browser. If you wanted to download an app from one of these websites, in this case, we are using Entertainment Box.com, simply click one from the list of applications. You will get a small “Starting Download” notification at the bottom of the screen and if you mouse down from the top of the screen you will be shown the progress bar. Once downloaded, you can install by simply clicking on the small notification or by going to a file browser and opening it there. We have downloaded and are now installing the Plex Application. You can download any application from any website, if it is an Android application, using the method shown here.

EBox R99 AnTuTu Benchmarks

Next, we will look at the type of score the R99 is getting using the Antutu Benchmark test, one of the most trusted benchmark testing apps available. This program will stress test the device and give it a score based on user experience, RAM, CPU, and overall performance. As you can see here, the R99 rings in at a staggering 77,458.  This is an amazing score when compared to other TV Boxes. The older generation boxes usually rate somewhere between 44,000 to 46,000 for a good score. The difference is, no doubt, the Six Core CPU that is running the R99 allowing it to outperform most other devices on the market to date. It is hard to overstate the amount of work that has gone into the firmware to ensure that this device performs at such a high rate of speed and quality. Now let us put this benchmark score to the test and see exactly what it means by showing off some examples of the R99 TV Box’s ability.

Outstanding 4K playback @60fps

We will look at some 4K video samples first, using the EBMC. While we do have versions based on SPMC, this version of the EBox Media Center is based on Kodi 17.4. It functions exactly like any other versions of Kodi with which you might be familiar but simply looks different as we and our users prefer the older layout with the confluent skin.

  • The first video is a 4K MP4 running at 60 MBPS. As you can see, the R99 plays this video flawlessly and the quality is crystal clear.
  • Here we have another 4K-HD MP4 running in 2160p. Again, you can see, the video runs flawlessly with no lag, exuding vibrant and crystal-clear colours.
  • Next, we have a trailer for the movie Elysium. This is an MKV video file running in 2160p. As expected, the image is crisp and clean throughout.
  • This next 4K sample is an HEVC file, also, running in 2160p. Again, it is difficult to overstate the amount of work that went into the software of the EBox R99 to ensure the kind of quality and performance you are seeing here.

EBMC will play your video files flawlessly, you can install add-ons into EBMC or download applications and run any type of video file on this device and experience the exact same quality. As said before, our version of EBMC works exactly as any previous version of Kodi. Simply click “Add Source” and enter the URL to add a source for an add-on.

EBox R99 TV Box specifications

  1. System Bit: 64Bit
  2. System: Android 6.0.1
  3. Processor: RK3399
  4. CPU: ARM Cortex-A53, ARM Cortex-A72
  5. Core: 2.0GHz
  6. GPU: ARM Mali-T860MP
  7. RAM: 4G
  8. RAM Type: DDR3
  9. ROM: 32G
  10. Max. Extended Capacity: 64G
  11. Features: 5.1 Surround Sound Output

Supported media

  1. Decoder Format: H.263, H.264, H.265, HD MPEG4
  2. Video format: ASF, AVI, DAT, FLV, ISO, MOV, MP4, MPEG, TS, WMV
  3. Audio format: AAC, ACC, AFE, DDP, DTS, FLAC, HD, M4A, MP3, MPEG, OGA, OGG, RM, TrueHD, WAV, WAVMIDI, WMA
  4. Photo Format: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG
  5. Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output: Yes


  1. 5G WIFI: Yes
  2. Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
  3. Power Supply: Charge Adapter
  4. Interface: DC 5V, HDMI, LAN, Optical, TF card, Type-C, USB2.0, USB3.0
  5. Language: Multi-language
  6. HDMI Version: 2.0
  7. Other Functions: 3D Games,3D Video, DLNA, ISO Files, Miracast, NTSC, PAL
  8. HDMI Function: HDCP
  9. RJ45 Port Speed: 1000M

What is in the box

  • R99 Android 6.0.1 TV Box,
  • Power Adapter,
  • Remote Control,
  • HDMI Cable,
  • English User Manual

EBox R99 TV Box review conclusion 

This is the NEW R99 TV Box from Entertainment Box running the new RK3399 Hexa-Core CPU. This is a new breed of Smart TV boxes. If you are looking for a TV box with raw power and lightning-fast performance, then look no further. This device can run any Android application with ease, navigate instantly through menus with a single swipe or click, flawlessly watch movies and videos files with crystal clear images and even use voice activation in conjunction with your device or to connect to your other home voice-activated devices. BUY NOW



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