Ebox M8s Pro Plus box Review:

In this Post, we’re going to review you the brand new M8s Pro Plus box This smart TV box from Entertainment Box.com is the latest in the line of releases of the new Android 7.1 Nougat operating system. This new EBox M8s Pro Plus TV box has an 8 core CPU, an S912 AmLogic chip with 3GB of DDR3 RAM and 32 GB of on-board ROM and supports 4K at 60FPS including HDR. It also supports H265 and HEVC. The EBox M8s Pro Plus box will allow you to install any application running on the current Android’s Nougat operating system.  You can Compare smart TV boxes on our comparison page.

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Ebox M8s Pro Plus box Review

Let’s start the review by taking a look and see what we’ve got inside the box. You’ll notice the M8s Pro logo on the sleek black casing of the main device.Turning to one side you will first see the headphone jack followed by the ethernet port and then the HDMI and the power adapter port. Turning again you’ll notice 2 USB 2 ports and an SD card port. Diving further into the box you will find the User Manual useful as a guide on how to set up your device, a power cable, an HDMI cable and the standard remote control. Buy Now

IPVanish VPN

Ebox M8s Pro Plus box Video Review

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Now, let’s setup the EBox M8s Pro Plus box and look at the display.

Upon load up, you’ll see the Entertainment Box logo and then you’ll be given your choice of home screens. You’re looking at launcher choice one and you can see that you can remove or add numerous applications, as we have already done here, by simply clicking the “ADD APP” button. You’ll have access to a variety of Android and EBox apps with which to customize your home screen that will function like any Android device with which you may already be familiar. This M8s pro plus has  “Google Voice Search” app which can be used in conjunction with any application that supports voice-activated commands. Also added is IPVanish as we do with all our devices. If you’re unfamiliar with IPVanish we highly recommend that you check out this post.

EBox M8s Pro Plus box Software

You’ll notice we’ve also added the Aptoide TV app which is an app store that allows to download android applications onto your EBox and use them on your TV. Those of you familiar with other Android devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, will find this device just as customizable for your personal needs. Another app we have installed is called the EBox Media Center which is based on the latest version of Kodi (version 17.3).  We’ve gone into the settings and added a skin to make it look a bit better and also made a few other tweaks to make it more user-friendly than the standard version. If you have used Kodi in the past, you’ll be familiar with these customizable settings and it will operate as it has in previous versions, as demonstrated here. Buy Now

Watch 4K files using Kodi

Next, we’ll play a few sample files. The first is 4k mp4 format file as it clearly reads on the scrolling tab at the bottom of the screen. We found that it played flawlessly on screen. Second is the H216p UHD HEVC sample file which we found ran flawlessly as well. Through various apps, you will have the ability to download and interact with numerous types of content.


Looking in the app section, where all your apps are kept and stored, you’ll notice that you have access to the FULL version of the Google Play Store. This is NOT the restricted Android TV version that is often found on many Android TV boxes.  This is the fully rooted Android firmware allowing to download all available applications as well as allowing you to fully adjust the settings as needed. There are a few applications that come pre-loaded just to help you get started, such as Netflix and IPVanish.  These can, of course, be removed if desired by clicking on the app and then clicking “uninstall”.

Android 7.1 Operating System brings new features to the M8s Pro Plus box

Again, this is the 7.1 version of the Android Nougat operating system, which is the latest version. Mousing over and pulling down from the top bar will access the settings giving you various options as demonstrated here. You can see that this display is, indeed, being run on the EBox M8s Pro TV Box and is currently using the Android version 7.1.1 operating system. It has 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM which is plenty of power to handle multiple tasks.

If you click on the settings tab on the home screen. It will open the same settings selection on a convenient sidebar. From here you can activate the bottom status bar. Once enabled, you can open and close apps. Take screenshots, adjust the volume and have quick access to tasks to navigate more efficiently. This feature is also usable with other applications such as Kodi or EBMC. After opening EBMC, for example, you simply drag up from the bottom of the screen to access the status bar. It will disappear after a moment if not engaged or in use. This navigation bar can make moving in and out of apps quicker, but can again, be disabled in the settings tab if desired. Buy Now


Supports Android Miracast and Apple Airplay

The EBox M8s Pro TV box will connect to all your devices at home allowing you to Miracast or share videos and images. If you’ve got an Apple device, you can also use Apple AirPlay. Simply turn on mirroring to begin sharing those movies and video files from any Apple device.

Changeable Android launchers

Up until now, we have been using the first option launcher. Which is simply the display by which you access your applications. The second option launcher is the Nova Launcher. This also comes pre-installed and gives you access to multiple pages. Allowing you to add additional pages and move apps from page to page. This launcher will operate in a similar manner to your first option allowing you to remove, add and navigate apps such as the Google Voice App, as demonstrated here. You can drag and drop any application on any page, allowing you to customize your layout as desired. Buy Now

EBox M8s Pro Plus box AnTuTu benchmark results

Lastly, we’ve run an AnTuTu benchmark test. Which will stress test a device and give a score based on the performance of that device. As you can see for the EBox M8s Pro, it comes in at 40,996. A quick breakdown of the scores can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen. The next screen shows a more detailed breakdown and the statistics of our device.

Conclusion M8s Pro Plus box Review

If you are looking for a powerful medium to high range priced box than this is the box for you. It has the latest Android 7.0.1 operating system, Kodi 17.4 and 3GB of RAM, this box will give you that bit more performance when called on.  So, there you have it. This is the new EBox M8s Pro box.  It can be purchased ON SALE now at EntertainmentBox.com




Android 7.1.2 3GB of RAM 32 GB of ROM 4K 60 fps



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