EBox Connect VPN Premium Free for 1 Year

EBox Connect VPN Premium Free

EBox Connect Premium Free for 1 Year

We are pleased to announce as from today, anyone that orders a new Ebox Q Max, R99 V2, Ebox T8 6 Mini or the Firesticks 4K will receive a FREE 1 Year premium access to our EBox Connect VPN service. We live in a time where cybersecurity is something not to take lightly, there is always someone either trying to get information from you or trying to censor what you can see when using the world wide web. That's not to mention the people that will try to steal your information. By using the EBox Connect VPN You can protect your personal data and unblock any Geo-restricted content. The most significant thing that you want to understand about EBox Connect VPN: It ensures any data transmitted data that is sent or received by your device is encrypted and secured from prying eyes. Terms of service.

EBox Connect Main Features

  • Connect up to 3 devices on one account
  • Access websites and media without restrictions
  • Stop ISPs from spying and throttling your speed based on usage
  • Prevent getting hacked while on public Wi-Fi
  • Keep your online presence and information private
  • No Logs (EVER)
  • Over 90 Servers
  • up to 50 Locations to choose from

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What can I do with EBox Connect VPN?

VoIP Calling

Communication via the world wide web is among those luxuries technology supplies. Its advantage permits families and nearest and dearest across the world to remain readily attached. Regrettably, VoIP calls like telephone calls aren't secure in any manner, and for reasons such as censorship blocking, firewalls are employed in many nations to ban VoIP communication. VoIP providers may also charge higher prices for global calls leaving you a pricey invoice.

Using EBox connect for VoIP calls enhances the price of keeping in touch since you decide the place you are calling from. Our global network of protected servers provides alternatives from each corner of the world. Once on the host location of your choice, EBox Connect encrypts your voice and video conversations. You will also evade firewalls, and conquer censorship blocks.

EBox Connect VPN Premium Free

Stop Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is if your physical location is determined and then used by Internet marketers to serve up advertisements which are connected to where you are located. When you are on the web without a VPN, internet advertisers understand information about you, for example, IP address, ISP, organization, zip code, state or region, town and state. However, when you use EBox Connect, your real IP address gets hidden behind an anonymous IP address, therefore online marketers, search engines and websites are in the dark when it comes to your personal info. This allows you to steer clear of location identification, annoying advertisements, and unwanted marketing just simply by connecting to one of our secure servers.

Security on the Go

Your mobile device is an important part of your daily life that travels with you anywhere you go – so why not protect it? When you are on the move all of your activities containing your private data (social networking, banking, messaging, emails) are not safe from prying eyes and cybercriminals unless you're using a VPN.

EBox Connect mobile app is the easiest and best method to secure your on-the-go Web connections. After you get into the Android app, within seconds you are connected to a secure server with an anonymous IP address. This turns Wi-Fi hotspots into a secure surrounding since not only is your online data today passed via an encrypted tunnel, but your true location can also be concealed behind an EBox Connect anonymous IP.

Stay Secure Anywhere and Everywhere

Your safety is our priority if you are surfing online on your house pc or out and about on your cellular device, EBox Connect gets you covered whatsoever times. Employing a large degree of encryption, we channel all your online activity via our VPN tube, which makes you not only entirely anonymous but totally protected.

No more Censorship

Break free from the nation's regional constraints and research media from throughout the planet, wherever you are located. Some countries have rigorous online access legislation, and several even block certain sites from being accessed by their own taxpayers. Why restrict yourself to those constraints whenever there's an actual net awaiting you?

Using EBox Connect, you will be able to get media from almost any place in the world by simply establishing a VPN link with our easy-to-use applications. Download your favourite social networking programs, see that viral movie, and get the sites you were not able to before, without leaving your property.

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