EBox Android 5.1 TV box Settings Guide


April 17, 2016

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Full EBox Android 5.1 TV box Settings and setup guide, 5.1 Android help guides.


We are going to show you how to setup an Android 5.1 powered TV box, we are using the EBox T8-AML-V3s in this guide but you can follow this help guide with all 5.1.1 TV boxes.


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5.1 Android Connecting to the internet

  • Click settings (from apps)
  • Click Network
  • Click Wi-Fi
  • Turn Wii-Fi device on
  • Wait for your device to scan for your wireless network
  • Select your Network and enter your Networks password (this is usually on the back of your internet router)

Android 5.1 Display settings, Screen position

  • Click settings (from apps)
  • Click Display
  • Click Screen position
  • Use the zoom in and zoom out on right hand side of the screen to adjust the position
  • Click back to save your settings

Android 5.1 Sound settings

  • Click settings (from apps)
  • Click Sounds
  • Click Digital sounds
  • From here you can change how your TV box outputs its sound (SPDIF, PCM, HDMI)

How to uninstall apps 5.1.1, how to clear apps data 5.1.1

  • Click settings (from apps)
  • Click apps
  • Click on the app you want to manage
  • From here you can open the app, clear the data, uninstall, clear cache, and manage other settings for the app

Android 5.1.1 How to factory reset your device

  • Click settings (from apps)
  • Click Storage & reset
  • Click Factory data reset
  • Click Factory data reset again
  • Confirm you want to wipe your device
  • Your box should now restart into erasing mode then restart, (it can take up to 6 minutes to completely reboot)

Setting Android 5.1.1 Date and Time

  • Click Settings (from apps)
  • Click Date and time
  • Keep automatic date & time On (you will need to be connected to the internet for this to work)

Bluetooth Settings for Android 5.1.1

  • Click Settings (from apps)
  • Click Add accessory (under Remote & accessories)
  • Switch Bluetooth On
  • You should now be able to see any Bluetooth wireless networks available
  • Follow any pairing commands on both devices

Android 5.1 powered TV box Personal hotspot, New Wi-Fi Extender feature

  • Click Settings (from apps)
  • Click More settings
  • Click More (under Wireless & networks)
  • Click Portable hotspot
  • Turn on Portable hotspot
  • You can now search your other wireless devices and should be able to connect to to your TV box. Your TV box will need to be connect to your hub for this to work.

Android 5.1 increases the pointers speed, speed up the remote controls courser

  • Click Settings (from apps)
  • Click More settings
  • Click Language & input
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Pointer speed
  • Scroll left and right to adjust the speed of the pointer

OTA Updates, over the air firmware updates

  • Click the OTA centre app (located in apps)
  • If an update is available click download update
  • When the download is complete tick wipe date and wipe cache
  • Click install
  • Your device will restart then install the update. (it can take up to 6 minutes to completely reboot)

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