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Apple iPhone 6.1 "may have smaller margins than iPhone X

September will be the month of getting to know the new Apple iPhone. These, it seems,...

New Ulefone F2 Will Get 8GB RAM and Infinity Display "Beyond Galaxy S8"

It was already a long time before high-quality clones began to emerge from Samsung's latest high-end....

DJI is about to launch an FPV racing drone

DJI is the biggest drone company of the moment. The Chinese company was able to gain...

Google CEO talks about his fear of Artificial Intelligence

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EBox 179 Podcast: Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi 7 and Early Releases

4gnews 179 Podcast: Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi 7 and Early Releases

Monday is already synonymous with LiveCast EBox. Now, it's time to listen to the new PodCast EBox edition, issue 179 where we discussed the first leaks of information regarding the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi Mi 7. What separates them, what unites them? Two brands with very distinct ideologies and two names that represent the Android world. Come on!

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For an hour and a half we had a chance to look at all your questions. Ours still need more debate, more discussion. Believe us, we didn't hold back when it came time to put into clean dishes all that has been said about the upcoming Samsung and Xiaomi tops.

Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi 7, The Hot Topics of this EBox PodCast

To what extent can we rely on leaks? And there will be some average to throw a smokescreen and ignorance on readers? The debate was attended by Rui Bacelar, Pedro Henrique and Joel Santos. The star were our viewers and listeners.

Now you can hear the broadcast in high quality. Don't forget to leave your review on this Podcast. This time we take a serious look at the Galaxy S9 and the possible points of contact with the Xiaomi Mi 7. We know that your processor could be common, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 that has been introduced today. Dual camera, RAM memory and possible improvements in performance and autonomy.

The new 12-minute fully charged graphene batteries were a favorite with the audience during Livecast. In turn, the Xiaomi Mi 7 has also been a lot of curiosity.

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